Cashier interview questions

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Cashier interview questions


Although some people think that it is not necessary to prepare for interview of job application for cashier, there are some types of Cashier interview questions that can kill your employment opportunity.


Question 1: What do you think about customer satisfaction?

Cashier would be responsible for collecting money but making customer satisfied is part of their job. Therefore, you have to answer things like ‘customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of a business’.


Question 2: What do you think a cashier would do?

General job responsibilities of cashiers should be mentioned, but you have to read the advertisement of job recruitment in advance and to make sure that the cashier responsibility for this particular company would be mentioned when you answer the question.


Question 3: Why do you think you are suitable to be the cashier?

You should think carefully about your strengths. Normally, cashier should be detail-oriented and they should be able to stay focus when they are working. They should also have good calculation skills so they can spot any potential mistakes from the cashier device.


Question 4: What would you do if there is a loss of money from the cashier kiosk?

The situational question aims at testing whether you are able to deal with the stress and the circumstance which is critical. You should let them know that you are able to ask for the seniors and tell the truth instead of hiding any.


Question 5: Tell me a tough time that you experienced in your work.

You should recall your memory and find a time that you really worked in a frustrated way because of some difficulties in your work.


Question 6: How did you deal with the tough time in your work?

This follow up question is usually asked when the previous question is given. You would need to tell the interviewer that you could manage to find a solution to the problem.


Question 7: How would you deal with an angry customer?

If you had any previous experience of dealing with an angry customer, you just need to list it out and tell the interviewer the way that you followed to deal with it. You have to make the experience real so that it would be convincing.


Question 8: Did you consider working in other positions of this shop?

Usually, there are a lot of related jobs in the shop or supermarket when you interview for the cashier. You just need to tell the truth as this question does not aim at getting any standard answer.


Question 9: What is your goal of working in this company?

You cannot be the junior cashier for your whole life. If you encounter this question, you have to let them know that you are proactive in learning and growing in the company.


Question 10: Do you have anything to ask?

This is probably the trickiest question in the world. You have to ask something instead of saying ‘no’. Otherwise, the interviewers would feel that you are not actively looking for opportunities to learn. You can ask questions like the shifting of work or some other details that you did not find from the recruitment posters of the job.

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