careers in sports: adventure sports career

How to make careers in sports: adventure sports career



If you are one of those people who believe a life living on the edge is worth more than any thing and if you want to spend your hours with a rendezvous with the nature itself then adventure sports may be your forte. Thus you must choose for careers in sports and that too adventure sports career is the best option. The most important perk that is associated with this type of career is that you get to be close to the exhilarating adventures and also make money for your living. Therefore not only you enjoy but also you can transform your hobby to a profession that is very rewarding.


Booming sector of job


Tourism in the adventure section is a very booming sector thus careers in sports are also very booming as a result. There are several sections of the media like the national geographic and the animal planet, discovery as well as AXN which have planned to give incentives and special offers to those people who plan to have a vacation of adventure rather than their normal vacation. Thus there is an increased influx of people as tourists and thus demand of the professionals has increased and also the availability of the jobs is more.


Eligibility for the job


To have careers in sports, even in adventure sports the basic form of education is enough. There are no restrictions on the subjects chosen what so ever till the graduation at the school level. However preference is given to those candidates that have a bachelor’s degree. Also the eligibility criteria have a strict requirement of the right age.


Thus the candidate must be of 16 to 40. But the physical fitness is the primary and the most important eligibility criterion. Proficiency in swimming is the mandatory requirement for those who opt for sports careers associated with swimming. Also the candidate should know any foreign language so that they can converse easily with the tourist.


Personality trait requirement


Personality is another important aspect that is crucial to choosing careers in sports. Going for the adventure sports require a certain type of grit and adventurous attitude since this type of sports have an unusual and exciting activities. Also there is the requirement of a risky mentality and a risk taking ability.


The candidate should also have the ability to work in risky terrain and possess team spirit and high commitment capability and responsibility as well. The candidate should also have a first hand knowledge of awareness and conservation, first aid, map and compass interpreting capabilities and camp management ability. A talent in sports and mental toughness is a necessesity that is must in this type of careers.


Prospects and places to study


Careers in sports are available in excursion agencies, leisure camps, athletic clubs, holiday resorts, sports centers etc. with enough experience you can also set up your own sports agency. Professionals who have a thorough training can also work for tourism department of the government as well.


There are several institutions that offer adventure sports courses. The basic teaching module includes technical skill pedagogy I swimming, trekking, caving, canoeing, rowing, water surfing etc.