C sharp

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C# Programming


Basically C# is a language that is being used in order to create programs and the programmers from different parts of the globe are using it in order to make the best quality programs. The language is not restricted to one paradigm rather it is a multi-paradigm language which was introduced into the market by Microsoft in 2001. Since its launch it has cast an influence on various other languages. The language was launched to be a part of their .NET initiative, but it gained a lot of popularity and was approved by ECMA and ISO and since then C sharp programming has been done at massive levels.


The C# language was made for CLI, and got launched as a very simple and easy to use language, several versions of the software have been introduced till now and the most recent one was released on 12April, 2010. The reason why C# programming is being done at a massive level is that the language has been approved by ISO and ECMA. The language has the ability to provide aid to the engineers in several functions and the automatic garbage collection is one of the most important aspects. The software components that are made to comply with the distributed environments can be created using C# programming.


In C sharp programming the reference compiler for the language is the Visual C sharp. There are several other kinds of compilers as well and they included implementations of CLI and dot net libraries. C# programming is being done on massive levels and even though the language used in this kind of programming had not been made to compete with assembly language or C++, but the language has been able to give tough competition to them. People are making several different types of programs using this form of programming and the quality of the programs is also brilliant.


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