Best Jobs in Australia

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Different Types of Best Jobs in Australia That Are Highest Paid



There are many jobs in Australia that are paid very handsome salaries. Some of these experienced professionals earn even more than the successful business persons of the country. Therefore, many people feel interested in bagging one of these best jobs in Australia, to make their future secure and comfortable. But they need to know about the pay scales of all the Australian jobs, so that they can prepare themselves to be eligible for these positions.


Best jobs offered for men and women in Australia


  • As per the information of the Income Tax office, the job of neurosurgeon is the most profitable in the country, mainly for male doctors. The neurosurgeons are paid the highest salary per annum, based on their capability and reputation.
  • Among the female workers, the job of a judge is the best paid throughout the country and it is regarded as one of the best jobs in Australia, which is second to the neurosurgeons in terms of salary package.
  • There are many female neurosurgeons as well, but they are paid around half the salary taken by their male counterparts. But still, it is the second highest paid job for the women working in Australia.
  • The competent men can also expect high salaries from the jobs of medical specialists in different fields, dentists, bankers, company secretaries, chief executives of any company and mine engineers. The actuaries, stock exchange dealers, mine production manager and the people involved in political affairs can also expect good pay packages, if placed in higher positions.
  • The jobs of part-time staffs and hardcore labours in various manufacturing industries are very poorly paid here. Similarly, one can expect to earn very little from the jobs of farm overseers, newspaper deliverer, fruit pickers, cooks of fast foods, helping hands at kitchens and dishwashers. All these people are paid very meager amount in return of their services.
  • The women candidates can expect high salaries from the jobs of the medical professionals in several streams, like Gynecology, Cardiology, Urology, Neurology, Dermatology, Oncology and Anesthesia.  They may also opt for the careers of Financial Investment manager, Magistrate, Actuary, Stockbroker and Deputy Secretary, which are considered among the best jobs in Australia due to the handsome salaries and prestige of these positions.


There is a wide gap seen among the men and women working in similar posts and ranks. Hence, the women need to work harder to land with highly paid jobs. But some Australian companies now ruling out this gender bias and they offer more or less similar packages to their male and female employees, provided they hold similar educational degrees and experience levels. These best jobs in Australia are available for both the local Australian men and women, as well as for the eligible foreigners from any country.


The job seekers need to look out on the job portals for the information of the suitable jobs that meet their qualifications and their dream salary ranges. They may even consult the reputed Australian gazettes regarding the job advertisements as well.

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