Best excuses for missing work

Best excuses for missing work


Work is worship, yet sometimes you wish to take a holiday and miss the work for some particular reason. The reason may be really silly or very essential. Regrettably, most people get only two weeks of vacation in a year. There may be a need to take a holiday, besides the two weeks getting used in the vacation. If so, you have to find some best excuses for missing work.  Here are few excuses that may help you save your sanity and face.


Best excuses


Excuse 1: To begin with best excuses for missing work are light food poisoning and enjoy your outdoors. Light food poisoning is regarded best as there is no physical evidence. To make it look true, the next day, walk slowly, clutch your stomach for your boss to notice you and noticeably eat bland food. Females put on pale foundation and no mascara; this will give a dull look suitable to your answer.

Excuse 2: The next excuse that can be considered is the doctor’s appointment to get you a half-day or even a full-day holiday. If you make the appointment by 3 pm, you may leave by 2.30 and reach by 4 pm to home. Ensure it is a Friday, so that you can recharge with this shortened working day and the subsequent weekend off days.

Excuse 3: Another smart excuse is to inform you are working from home. This gives you an opportunity to work from home. You can save the commuting time and complete your personal work or take some extra rest that is long due.

Excuse 4: Come early for two to three hours and stay for a week or two. Eventually, you may take a day off, you will feel good about the off and your boss will not mind as you were there when there was real work.


Simple excuses

These simple excuses also help in missing work, if you take to smart act. Actually, they are not very smart excuses, but are sometimes helpful taking as best excuses for missing work.


  • Death in the family: This is an excuse and is right only if there is some truth. You should not end killing your family members more than once; this will end up in your employers losing trust in you, regardless of your best work capability.
  • Stuck with Car problem: This excuse sounds agreeable, but state a car problem that confirms your reason to get stuck. Tell the automobile is not moving and the mechanic is trying to sort it out. Makeup something that prevents you legitimately from driving to work and is not really expensive to fix. In case your boss smells foul and asks you for the car maintenance receipts, tell you have a mechanic friend and he obliged you with a free service.
  • Personal emergency: This excuse is really vague, but it also works at rare times. It relates to anything from fatigue to hairdresser appointment. This suits fine with working women.


All said and done, it is best to say your supervisor or boss the real reason, than cutting an excuse. This is because you have to remember the reason for an extended period.