Behavioral Interview Questions

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How to respond to Behavioral Interview Questions

Indeed, your responses to those tricky behavioral interview questions usually go a long way in determining your suitability to the vacant position with regard to the obvious competition. Some of these questions are as follow:

“Can you tell me about yourself?”

“Tell me about your greatest weakness?”

“With illustration, can you tell me the last time you assume a leadership role at your previous place of work?”

“What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?behavioral interview questions

On the face value, these questions may look harmless and too cheap, but can you really introduce yourself long? Meanwhile, the fact still remain that these seemingly simple behavioral interview question otherwise called competency based or situational interview questioning is usually one of the basic yardstick for selecting the successful candidates. It may even interest you to know that this approach is most preferred by prospective employers all over the world above psychometric testing as well as many more techniques of assessing candidates.

It is often said that human are merely creatures of habit, meaning that we are prone to repeat what we have done in the past over and again. As a result, the question is meant to reveal to the interviewer the way you have dealt with certain situations before, as this will indicate the number you can still handle in the future based on your past experience. Each of the behavioral interview questions provides some revelation about your personality and this will be objectively examined by any intelligent interviewer.

Obviously, your level of interview preparation is usually tested here. In other word, you do not just answer these questions off hand unless you have done some research and fully equipped with the knowledge of answering. You need to come up with some techniques that offer quality facts, put together within the appropriate approach for your interviewer’s excitements.

Of course, there is a well known interview answering strategy that enhance your performance by making sure that you convert your experience and other quality traits into non resisting, commercially aware details that are very ideal for your employers or interviewers. You are more likely to be more motivated if you had been informed of the areas of interest of your interviewers

Furthermore, this skill in question is so valuable that it is life changing. It is noteworthy to state that the question asking framework is very easy to understand and very comparable to a tuned sports car. Be reminded that your interview research can be likened to the fuel inside your sports car. If carefully prepared, your car are air-bound and if wrongly fix, your car could be malfunctioning and problematic.

In the final analysis, this much talked about answering framework is known as STAR approach and the acronym are:

S                              Specific situation

T                              Task or target

A                             Action taken

R                             Result of your action


All you need to is to focus your response in STAR direction and you are assured of positive response from your employers. It is not a hard thing to do just have a proper mind set before, during and after any behavioral interview question.


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