Autism and its causes

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Autism is a result  of  neurological disorder that  affects the normal brain function and leads to delay in the development of many basic skills like–

1) Ability to socialize

2) Form relationships with others

3) Proper communication

In autism there is intellectual and behavioral disabilities. With autism the different areas of the brain  fails to work together . In autism the child do not  reach the developmental milestones like crawling, Saying the first word etc on time. They are generally slow learners or having low IQ. No two people with autism  will have exactly  same symptoms. Therefore autism also called as Spectrum Disorder.


Autism is a neurological disorder but the cause is unknown. Genetic component indicates the strongest component but environmental , metabolic or immunological factors  also lead to the development of disorder.

1) Genetic cause–

There is no single gene responsible for autism, but there are different genes that combined together and increase  the risk of autism. Autism tend to run in families, so may be  related to inherit.

2) Other causes–

Autism also linked to  some medical conditions like-

a) Metabolic disorders( untreated phenylketonuria)

b) Congenital infections( rubella, toxoplasmosis)

c) Development brain abnormalities ( microcephaly,cerebral dysgenesis)

d) neurological disorders affected after birth ( bacterial menengitis) .

Other theories also plays an important role..

__ It is suggested that body’s immune system produce antibodies that attack the brains of children and lead to autism.

__ Sometime abnormalities  in brain structures also cause autistic behavior in children.

__ Autistic children  have  abnormal timing of  growth of their brains. In early childhood the brain grows faster and larger than the normal children, but later when normal children’s brain get bigger but autistic child brain grows slowly.

__ There is no such evidence that shows vaccine can  cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder. Childhood vaccines cause autism especially measlesautism  mumps, rubella vaccine. Speculation is that a preservative used in vaccines, “Thimerosol” is responsible for  increase in autism cases.

__ Emotional trauma also plays an important  role. It is believed that early age  emotional trauma especially  bad parents  was blame but this theory was rejected.

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