Australian CV Format

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Best Australian CV Format That Is Sure To Be Shortlisted




The CV or the resume of a person is highly important, when he/she is looking for a suitable job opening. The first impression of an employer is struck about a job candidate from the detailed information enlisted in his/her CV. So it is very important for anyone to write his/her resume in technically correct manner. Every job seeker should be aware about the ideal Australian CV format, if he/she wants to work in a good position in Australia. Hence, they should learn the techniques of writing a proper resume, for impressing the potential Australian employers.


Important facts that should be present in an ideal Australian CV format


  • The resume should have a simple look, for which it is best to write in Times New Roman or Ariel font, with the font size of letters preferably in 11or12. The heading and each subheading should be highlighted in bold words, to make the CV look smarter.
  • The resume should start with a brief summary of the total CV that contains all the vital information related to the educational and professional details required for a particular position.
  • Many candidates find it a good idea of starting their CV with subheadings, like Career Objective or Career Overview. But as per the Australian CV format, Career Objective should be written after the Career details or the overview. Career Overview is actually the brief summary of the career details, to give quick idea to the recruiters about the career history of the candidate and the Career goal can be added at the end of this paragraph.
  • The key skills of the candidate should be mentioned in bullet points, with one skill mentioned in each point, to make them very easily understandable by the readers, as per the rules of the best Australian CV format.
  • The career history should be written in a separate paragraph, preferably in bullet points. All the details of each employment should be mentioned, including the job title, name of that company, duration of working there, job responsibilities, professional achievements and the reason for leaving that job. It is a good idea to add a brief description of each company that the candidate has worked for. If there is any gap in between the jobs, it should be explained reasonably in the CV.
  • The educational qualifications should also be penned in another paragraph, where all the certifications should be mentioned distinctly in separate bullet points.
  • While writing about the communication skills, it can be termed ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ more comfortably, if worked previously for any customer service center or done any diploma course on linguistic course. Thus, proofs can be provided in support of excellent communicative abilities of the candidate.
  • It is traditional to write date of birth and marital status in a resume, but now many recruiters do not find it necessary to know about the marital status of the candidates, unless it is necessary according to the job criteria. Moreover, according to Australian CV format, the inclusion of date of birth is not so mandatory, but can be added if the candidate thinks it to be necessary.




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