Architects cover letter example

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Architects cover letter example



When preparing a cover letter for an architectural position, it is crucial to acknowledge that technical experience and expertise, coupled with a positive attitude and personality traits, is what could get you a potential position with your employer of choice. Your cover letter is your means of communicating your technical experience, outlining your key clients and employers you have worked for, and highlighting your key achievements.



In the world of architecture, knowledge and practical experience using architectural software, including Auto CAD, is definitely a plus. An explanation of major projects will most definitely add to your resume. On another note, in order to satisfy clients’ needs, architects need to be patient, courteous, friendly and attentive. Therefore, these traits need to be showcased and exemplified in your cover letter. Examples of satisfied clients, demanding clients and challenging projects that you have handled seamlessly will enhance your credibility.



As with many fields, employers need to sense a candidate’s passion for architecture, and their ambitions for the future of both their careers and the company’s goals and objectives. An explanation of the links between your skills and qualifications and the needs and requirements of the recruiter will make it easier for the company to determine why you would be suitable for the position. Moreover, it is important for recruiters to get a sense of your academic qualifications and how they have assisted you in gaining knowledge in the field of architecture, and how you aim to use your education and work experience in order to contribute to the employers’ goals for growth and success.



Finally, it is of utmost important for recruiters to sense that you have some knowledge about the position and the company’s profile, and that you have conducted some research about the organization to determine what gap you would need to fill in. Highlighting all this information in your cover letter in an articulate and persuasive manner will surely take you to the top of the shortlisted candidates for any architectural position.



Sample of a cover letter: 



Dear Sir/Madam,



It gives me great pleasure to apply for the Senior Architect position at your esteemed organization. I am a passionate and eager architect with more than 7 years experience in the field, characterized by several successful projects with various clients. These projects ranged from hospitals and universities, to major hotels and touristic villages. I hold a master’s degree in architecture from one of the world’s leading architectural schools.



I was privileged enough to work for a number of leading global architectural firms, and have served as a Senior Architect in my previous role. My work experience, coupled with an expertise in a number of software programs including but not limited to Auto CAD, Adobe applications and computer graphics software, have enabled me to excel in my career and showcase outstanding artistic and computing skills. More importantly, I have worked for demanding clients and have been able to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure. Furthermore, I have an eye for detail and possess sound decision-making skills that have enabled me to satisfy all the clients and employers that I have worked for. Other key attributes that I consider to be key determinants of my successful career are my patience and communication skills.



I feel that I have the creativity, loyalty and drive to take on the Senior Architect role available at your reputable organization. Attached is my resume, which demonstrates my skills and experience in architecture. I look forward to hearing from you to proceed with my application, and to be able to contribute to the growth and prosperity of your organization.



Yours Faithfully,








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