Applying for H-1 B visa

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About Applying for H-1 B visa

H-1 B visa enables non-immigrant foreign professionals in specialized fields to work in US legally. Once the petition is approved the visa will be issued immediately. Until the visa expires the visa holder can stay in US and travel in and out of US. The first step of H-1 B visa process is the submission of H-1 B visa petition. Those who want to submit the visa petition must have an employer or sponsor. The visa applicant submits the petition because he or she wants to stay temporarily in the US to undertake the short-term assignment provided by the employer. The prescribed fees for filing the H-1 B visa application are to be paid by the sponsor or the employer.

apply for H-1 B visa


There are about six steps in the application part of the H-1 B visa process.

Step 1

As the first step of the application part, the US employer has to file the petition on behalf of the professional from abroad who will be undertaking the short-term job offered by the employer. The employment letter issued by the employer should be attached to the visa petition and the employment letter should clearly indicate the exact description of the job, the dates of employment, salary offered by the employer, the requirements of the job and contact information.

Step 2

In the next step, confirmation by the State Employment Security Agency about the prevailing salary as well as the actual salary is to be furnished. This is to ensure that a foreign worker is not drawing a salary below the minimum prevailing salary fixed by the local authority.

Step 3

The third step of the application part of H-1 B visa process consists of filing of the Labor Condition Application – ETA – 9035.

Step 4

As the 4th step of the application part, the petition is prepared and filed at the respective office of USCIS.

Step 5

Applicants who want to speed up the H-1 B visa process can opt for the premium process after paying the additional charges. However the premium processing is not guaranteed.

Step 6

As the final step of the application part of H-1 B visa the applicant may check the status of his petition using his receipt number. The USCIS will update the stats of the petition on its system once the application is filed. Those who want to check the status of their petition may enter their receipt number here.


Immigration services

Those who want to have more information about the H-1 B visa process can contact any reliable immigration firm. There are various immigration companies that are providing trusted as well as efficient service to customers. One can get all details regarding H-1 B application process from these service firms. Those who want to apply for H-1 B visa may ensure to submit their applications at their earliest. Soon after accepting the job offered by the employer in US, the non-immigrant worker can start the process of applying for H-1B visa. The USICS will take 3 – 4 months to process the H-1 B visa petition.



Once the petition for H-1 B visa is approved, the applicant can fix the dates for both interviews online. On successful completion of the interviews, the H-1 B visa stamping will be provided on the passport of the applicant.


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