Application software




Application software
Application software is a subclass of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly and thoroughly to a task that the user wishes to perform.
Different Types of Application Software:
The different types of application software programs can be categorized in many ways, but the most common breakdown can be done as below:
1) Internet Application Softwares: Browser is the main application software  which is really necessary to meet all our computing needs. Others includes torrents, FTP clients  and other programs that allows you to access data online.
2) Productivity softwares: It includes all application programs used in office environment to increase productivity like  word processors, spreadsheet programs and database programs. This category also can include communications software and graphics software.
3) Communications applications softwares: It is many a times grouped with Internet applications or productivity applications and  include e-mail, chat and other programs that enable you to interact with other individuals online.
4) Graphics application softwares: It allows you to to view and edit image files. While most operating systems include basic graphics programs, more advanced options like the GIMP or Photoshop are necessary for serious photographers and graphic designers.
5) Multimedia application softwares : It includes any programs that enable your computer to play back, create and edit audio and video files. Windows Media players, VLC player ,GOM, winamp , itunes are some of known multimedia soft wares.
6) Games : Games probably came with your computer out of the box, and, while they might be fun, they barely scratch the surface of a computer’s gaming capability. Now you can see  lot of virtual and 3d games coming in market and people are really crazy for them.
7) Utilities application softwares : These are programs that allow you to interact with system software and manage your computer’s resources. It includes software like CCleaner which removes unnecessary files from your hard drive, WinPatrol, that allows you to control the services and programs that start when you log in and many more.
Application Software Vs System Software
Many a times people get confused with application software and system software. System softwares are designed to operate the computer hardware and to give a platform for running application softwares. Best examples of system software will be device drivers and computer BIOS.  Application softwares on the other hand are designed to help users to perform single or multiple tasks. These software use system software and their platform to connect to hardware. Some examples of application software are  graphics software, media players, etc.
Although we have made the application software vs system software distinction, it is important to note that both of them work in tandem. It is the capability of both the application software and system software to interact with each other in ways, that are beneficial to the user.
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