Advertising interview questions

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Advertising interview questions


There are so many jobs available in the advertising field. Therefore, you would have to prepare the Advertising interview questions before you go.


Question 1: How would your colleague describe you?

This is a question which requires you to think of an adjective about yourself. There are a lot of people who would say a lot of things but they would not give a concrete adjective about themselves.


Question 2: Why do you think you are suitable for the job?

The job advertisement would usually state the qualities that the employees are expected to demonstrate. Therefore, people can mention these qualities when they answer the questions.


Question 3: What is the number of small and medium sized companies in your state?

When you work in the advertising industry, you have to get a basic understanding about the market information, including the target companies that you can locate in your state. Therefore, you should have a brief idea about that. The exact number would not be required but you have to give an appropriate range. s


Question 4: How would you advertise this product?

The interviewer would point at some products in the room. Then, you would need to use your skills to sell the product.


Question 5: What misconceptions would people have on you?

The misconception usually comes from the weaknesses that you have. For example, you may be weak at communication so other people may think that you are not interested in a particular issue. But you can talk a lot when you are invited to talk.


Question 6: What was the job that you worked for the longest time?

In the advertising world, the turnover rate can be high. If you have good capability to work, you would usually be able to work for a single firm for a long period of time. Therefore, you would need to explain if you have a very short term contract with many previous employers. Otherwise, interviewers may think that you are not reliable.


Question 7: What motivates you to work in this industry?

There can be a lot of reasons that you can use to explain for the choice. As long as you find the way to justify your decision to participate in the advertising field it would be fine.


Question 8: Introduce a project that you are proud of.

You need to prepare the basic idea about a previous project and the outcome. You have to mention any difficulties encountered and the way you did to solve the problem.


Question 9: Do you have any career path in this industry?

You can answer like ‘I would like to be the director in 5 to 8 years’ if you are a fresh graduate.


Question 10: How do you deal with stress?

Since the working hour of people working in the advertising industry can fluctuate a lot, it would be necessary for you to explain that you are able to cope with the stress. If you are newly graduated from college, this would usually be the question asked in the interview.


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