Advertising cover letter example

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Advertising cover letter example



A resume is certainly not enough in today’s competitive world. A creative and persuasive cover letter is a must in order to create a name for yourself in the job market. And this applies particularly to the advertising industry. Since advertising is all about communicating a message to a target audience, a cover letter for an advertising role should do the same job: communicate your skills, competencies, abilities, achievements, experience and qualifications to recruiters.



Basically, through the cover letter, you should market yourself, as this will reflect your presentation skills. The cover letter is your opportunity to write in the first person, and actually give yourself credit for your achievements. It is your chance to win the hearts and minds of recruiters. So it is really up to you to showcase your talent, passion, creativity, experience and achievements in the advertising industry.



The key to a winning cover letter in advertising is to be articulate and succinct without boring the reader. You can tell your story to the recruiter from the day you graduated till the day you decided to apply for a position in their company. You can brag about yourself – of course, without overdoing it – and at the same time explain how your skills and abilities will be valuable for their firm, and how your creativity has taken you far in your advertising career.



Another key aspect of any advertising career is communication skills. Sound communication skills are essential in order to find a place in the advertising industry. Therefore, the cover letter is your chance to showcase your very best written communication skills in order to impress the recruiters. The success of your cover letter relies on your ability to engage your audience and relay your message in an attractive, catchy and succinct manner. As an advertising person, you should realize that less is more; the cover letter is not a listing of your work experience; rather, a highlight of your skills, abilities and key milestones.



Sample of a cover letter: 



Dear Sir/Madam,



It was with great excitement that I learned about the Advertising Specialist position at your esteemed organization, which is a leading advertisement agency in the EMEA region.



I pride myself in having worked for a global advertising agency for more than 6 years in the capacity of Communications Specialist. Working for such a reputable firm has offered me the opportunity to grow and learn a great deal about the world of advertising. I was privileged to represent more than 150 global brands in terms of crafting their communications strategies, tactics, and key messages, preparing creative briefs, and representing them at major events and press conferences. This role has empowered me as an advertising and communications specialist, and has given me the confidence to present ideas, information and major announcements in front of key audiences from around the world.



I hold both a bachelor and master’s degree in advertising communications, and have written more than 10 academic journals about global advertising strategies. This experience has inspired me to coach and develop talent within the organizations that I have worked for, in order to inspire people who are as passionate about advertising as I am to innovate and come up with creative ideas that further contribute to the advertising industry.



I have attached my resume, which outlines my employment history, education and key milestones in my advertising career. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my career prospects at your reputable organization.



Your Faithfully,



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