addressing a cover letter

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Always know these before addressing a cover letter


There are lots of variations in the ways of addressing a cover letter and this has become very important because it is one of the things the interviewers will access you with. There are different phases in trying to land a job of your choice and the most difficult phase which a lot of people do not realize is getting yourself to be invited for the interview and this is hugely dependent on your CV and then the cover letter. If you succeed in getting these two parts right, then you will be sure to get the interview call up where you will then mesmerize them with your skills and proficiency. But if you don’t have a well addressed cover letter, you are almost preventing yourself from being invited to the interview.


There are some formats for addressing a cover letter that are peculiar to some countries or nations but there are still internationally approved standards to what the cover letter address should look like. This is one of the scores you make in the job process, so don’t joke with it. If you are given a specific name or office to address the cover letter, that is good.  But if you are not, you have to find that out yourself as addressing a cover letter openly will show laziness and weakness on your own part.


Never use such addresses as Dear Human Resources Director, Dear Sir/madam, or To Whom It May Concern. Instead, go to the company’s website and find out the person to attend to you resume and use his or her name. If this does not work out, go to the receptionist at the office and inquire. Use the persons name instead of the office in addressing a cover letter. In the case of the gender, skip it and use the full name if you are not sure. Try addressing a group if you cannot find an individual and consider skipping the salutation altogether if it is possible. Your letter must always come with such address as Dear Mr. Andre Jones.



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