Accountants interview questions

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Accountants interview questions


When accountants want to apply for a job, they would have to attend interviews. There are some Accountants interview questions for people to prepare.


Question 1: How do you manage your time at work?

The accounting field requires people to do a lot of works from time to time. Therefore, time management would be very important or otherwise people would fail to start the next stage of work. Therefore, you need to tell the interviewers that you have good planning of work stages so you can finish them on time efficiently.


Question 2: Do you dominate the others in a team?

When you work as accountants, you need to work in a team instead of working individually. Thus, you have to prepare answers for questions like this. You need to mention that it is important to collaborate rather than to dominate in a team.


Question 3: How would you deal with conflicts?

There are always some types of conflicts that you may encounter during the work. It is because you would usually have arguments with the others regarding the entry of accounting records. Therefore, you need to tell the way that you use to solve the conflicts.


Question 4: Guide me to read through the resume

Some of the interviewers would ask this question and it is quite challenging indeed. You are expected to mention some key things on the resume rather than talking about everything. Therefore, you need to be familiar with your resume beforehand.


Question 5: Why do you choose to work as accountants?

This question is very common for people who did not study accounting or finance in their university. Interviewers want to make sure that people have the basic idea about the accounting world and they would not prefer somebody to work in their company if he or she does not know the ordinary procedures and life of accountants.


Question 6: List 3 objectives about yourself?

There is no need for you to give detailed explanation. You just need to mention the keywords, which are the adjectives.


Question 7: How would you reverse a wrong journal entry?

This is something more technical and you have to answer it if you want to work as an accountant. There can be some different approaches and you can mention the ones that you believe are correct.


Question 8: How much do you know about the accounting standards?

This is also a basic question that you must be able to answer if you want to be chosen for the job. You should be familiar with some of the key principles and standards in different countries, like the US GAAP and the IAS.


Question 9: How do you cope with ethical problems?

There are some ethical issues which come with your work. You would need to know the way to report to the seniors and then provide appropriate solution to the problem.


Question 10: How will you interact with clients?

If you work in the auditing or tax field of accounting firms, you would need to ask questions to your clients. Therefore, you would know the communication techniques.

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