A little job search tips for the job seekers

A little job search tips for the job seekers



Job is a work that someone does to earn money. To earn money there are many job seekers present in the world. And again lots of jobless unemployed persons are also there. In this article we will discuss about job search tips. Job searching means searching some work or activity for which he/she would be paid some money.


Need of job:


All people need money. After completion of studies, people go for jobs to earn money and fulfil his/her family needs and desires. School and college students need money for their pocket money. The only best way to earn this money is by pursuing a part time or full time job.


Ways of job hunting:


Here, we start discussing about some job search tips for different qualifications:


High school student:


As this is the initial stage of one’s life for hunting a job and since neither having any job experience nor any high qualification, it would be harder for them to have jobs. And since they are under 18, there will be no government jobs for them. But they can do job for himself/herself, like they can work as private tutors. They can teach little kids. For this job he/she have to give advertisement either in newspaper or classifieds or so on…


College students:


The opportunity of getting job in this case is little higher than that of high school students. Anyone can easily do any kind of part time job in this case, like in call centre, BPO, etc. For this he/she should know what are the qualifications required for the job, his/her resume should always be ready. Before going to an interview he/she should practice out loud, he/she should maintain proper discipline while giving interview, etc.


Post graduate students:


There are lots of job opportunities available for post graduate students. The most important job search tips for these students are attending all kinds of the trainings his/her fields have. In these trainings, the works to be performed in companies are usually taught. After that they need to attain the seminars. When any company come to his/her graduate college for placements, he/she should be bold enough to answer their question. He/she should tamer while giving the interview. The most important skill needed by a company from these people is the computer skill. He/she should be trained the computer languages as much as possible.


            Old retired workers:


There are many retired person also seeking for job may be due to financial problem or may be for time pass. The first thing they need to do while search jobs is to modify their present resume. There they should mention his/her job experience which might attract the interviewer’s eyes at first. After that they should remove their graduation dates from the resume. Seeing these date, the interviewers might reject them and go for fresh knowledge. These are the basic job search tips for this category of workers. Other tips are same as that of post graduate students’.





Beside these entire jobs, many online jobs are also available. People may search those jobs and do it. Manly online job sites are also there for providing jobs. One may easily apply for these with his/her resume.