9 Strategies to generate traffic for your website.

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As a marketer or business owner the very first thing that comes to your mind is “customers”. If your business is online then you always make strategies how to grab the attention of visitors and attract more customers to your site. There are different ways by which you can generate traffic for your website. let’s discuss them.


generate traffic
when you want to engage people and drive traffic to your website, you need to advertise your brand. You can do it by paid search, by social media advertising. If you are hoping to generate traffic as well as sales for your business you need to focus on commercial keywords. Adjust your paid strategy according to your goals.

2) socialize through social media icons–

generate traffic
Writing a blog with a good content is not enough. To generate traffic it is important to share it with people by means of social media. By using different social media channels you need to promote your content to the target audience so that they can read your content and find it informative and share it with other people. If you want to share some articles or some tempting links you can go on Twitter and if wants to share your website images or videos you can do it with social channels like Instagram or Pinterest.

3) Compelling Headline–

generate traffic
Without a compelling headline, nobody is interested in reading your blog. Therefore Headlines are the most important part of your content.If your headline is unique and contains long tail keywords then everyone attracts toward your blog and wants to read it. In addition to this optimization will be good and your content will be in good ranking that drives traffic to your website.


4) Focus on social optimization–

If the readability of your blog is good then the search engine will optimize your content ranking. You can do it by paying attention to on -page SEO.  Try to make most of the image alt text.Creating internal links and focus on meta descriptions. This will boost your website traffic.


5) Start guest blogging–

These days most of the people post their content on other blogs, try to invite more and more people to share their content on your website, it will bring new readers to your site. Just be sure that the content they are sharing will be of high quality and original. beware of spam because this will decrease traffic on your site. If people find spammy content on your website then nobody will share and degrade your website image.


6) Share your content on LinkedIn–

Linkedin is one of the best professional platforms where you interact with the new people and find many opportunities to get a job. Try to share your content on LinkedIn in daily basis that will help you to grow your name within the industry and if people find your content informative they will share it on their LinkedIn profiles that will automatically generate traffic to your website.


7) Email marketing–

Like content marketing or social media marketing, you can also generate traffic through email marketing.Don’t bombard people with your irrelevant emails. Try to send friendly update email of your new services to your existing customers.


8) Mobile friendly  —

generate traffic

Always remember it’s not necessary that the customer open your website at home only, maybe he is in bus, market or at the train station, therefore, your website should be mobile friendly and easily viewable from any place. Make sure your web page is technically optimized so that it will not take more time to upload.


9) Track your google analytics–

generate traffic

Your google analytics will show your efforts. Before start with promotions and growing business for your website look at your google analytics and set some goals to increase your targets. Pay more attention to page per visit, page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, average time, a source of traffic and exit pages. while paying attention to this analytics you know where you need to put more effort and apply new strategies to generate more traffic.


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