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5 tricky Ways to find Jobs With No Experience.

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whenever employer asks you about the experience it means he wants something different. As we know these days start-up level jobs also ask for 2-3 years of experience and this makes the candidates with zero experience get frustrated or irritated for not getting any job. But the main question is if nobody hires without any experience then how we gain experience? Therefore in order to break this scenario, we need skills which decreases the experience gap.

–Try to gain your own experience–

 job with no experience
As we all know that education is not experience and these days many employers think that the fresh graduates don’t have that skills which are required by the companies. Therefore in order to break that cycle, we need to gain our own experience.
for example — If you want to pursue your career as a writer but you don’t have any experience in that. start writing some blogs on regular basis with some freshen up content on your social media account. you can also share your blogs on LinkedIn ( which is a professional platform social site ) and connect with the recruiters. Nowadays there are many platforms where you can post free blogs. This will help you to gain experience on your own and if somebody likes it, they will offer you the job as a blogger for their website.

–Join internship–

 job with no experience
One of the best ways to step in job industry without no experience is to join as an intern. To work as an intern you need to do some research and target various companies which provide internship jobs. I personally join and seek to apply as an intern. You can join LinkedIn and connect with companies you are targeting and chat with the hiring person to inquire about an internship program. You can also use other channels like twitter and facebook for connecting.

–Gain credentials–

 job with no experience
first of all, pick your interest and then do some research and if you find that gain credentials in this field will help you to get your first job then definitely go for it.
for example. If you want to work in the computer field and you don’t have any experience in that try to gain some credentials so that you can show some skills or what you learn while applying for the job. In case if you don’t have any specialized experience gain some credentials so that you can stand out of the box.

— Join some volunteer work-

 job with no experience
Sometimes companies also hire if you have some volunteer experience. volunteer work enables you to gain some experience as well as learn at the same time.
for example – If you just completed your physiotherapy degree and you are not very confident that you can see the patient independently. therefore join as volunteer physio in health care and gain some experience and learn how to treat patients at the same time.
If you want to join some retail work but you don’t have any experience. Join the team for the volunteer work and gain some experience. At least with this, you can make contacts and step in the work industry. While working as a volunteer they see your confidence, teamwork spirit, and good customer skills which will help you to get the job offer from the same industry.

— Previous skills-

 job with no experience
sometimes you relocate to a new place and you are not able to find the job in your field and you plan to change your field, but you know without any experience nobody hires you. Therefore prefer that companies where your past experience skills can fit and you can join the new field.
let’s take an example previously if you worked as the head nurse but now you relocate to the new place and not able to find the job as a nurse. Therefore you decide to change your field so prefer to target that work where your skills like
– teamwork,
-work under pressure
-leadership qualities
-good communication skills matters.
In this way, you can change your field but your previous skills for the new job is counted and recruiters can hire you.
I hope these tips will help you to grab job without no experience. Good luck!

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