5 influential women in financial history

Wall Street conjures images of powerful men and the general consensus has been that it is a male driven sector. Although this is a strong reality, there have been major influential woman that have contributed to the financial world and Wall Street. In this interesting article we look at 5 of the most famous influential women namely in the financial sector. They overcame gender discrimination and contributed significantly to the growth and evolution of Wall Street and the financial world.

5 influential women in financial history

1. Muriel “Mickie” Siebert, the first women of finance

Muriel Siebert was known as the first women in finance and was the first influential women in financial business to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in December 1969. This was a very difficult task and quite the accomplishment. Muriel jokes by saying that her New York Stock Exchange members badge was the most expensive piece of jewelry she ever purchased at $445,000. She had been previously turned away by nine possible sponsors before finally receiving an endorsement.

2. Abby Joseph Cohen, the influential women in American history that predicted the Bull market in the 1990’s

Abby Joseph Cohen started her career as an economist for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington. She is now a senior United States investment strategist at Goldman Sachs who she joined in 1990. Apart from her successful career in the investment sector, this influential woman of today was primarily known predicting the Bull market of the 1990s.

3. Ann Kaplan, advising women

This influential woman has been dabbling in many different financial avenues. Since 2004 Ann Kaplan was the director of Signature Bank and she is also the chair of Circle Financial group. The circle financial group specializes in directing women when it comes to the management of their wealth.

4. Nancy Peretsman, Oprah Winfrey’s investment banker

Apart from being Oprah Winfrey’s investment banker, this influential woman in investment business has a long string of inspiring clients. Nancy Peretsman is the managing director and the niche bank, Allen and Company and has been there for 10 years. She has pervious experience working for some of the big names on Wall Street and enjoyed much success among the male driven industry.

5. Victoria Woodhull, opened the first female owned brokerage on Wall Street

This influential lady dates back to the 1970s where her and her sister opened the first female owned brokerage on Wall Street. Interestingly, she was also the first women to run for presidency in America. Another interesting piece of information regarding these famous influential women is that they had tailor made dresses with a professional cut to hide their femininity and enhance a more masculine demeanor and fit into a male orientated sector.

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