When to give up job search

You know the best way to change thing is to take a break. You’ll come back refresh with a new perspective. Here are two signs you should back away from the search for a little bit, plus ideas for exactly how to do it.

  • You’re applying to every job

The issue is this that hiring manager can smell it miles away they want a candidate who can contribute to the company without selfishness. If it’s clear that you are applied to every whether it meets their requirements or not then there is not a compelling reason to move your candidacy forward.


  •  Take a hiatus

Take few days to think that the job you have applied for is really the job you      would love to work. Once you have some clarity, get back to the search, but this time, be strategic. If a job does not rank9 out of 10 in terms of both your level of excitement and competency, then it’s not worth applying.


  • You’re obsessing

At some point pretty much everyone obsesses when waiting to hear back about a job. It’s normal give it a lot of thought- after all landing a new roll can mean a good deal of change, and that’s exciting (even a bit scary)

You know it’s taken over your life. It’s all you talk about- and you are visiting with anyone who will listen just to discuss it some more. You turn down social invitations, quit going out because every spare moment goes to checking your email and waiting for call.


  • Take a hiatus

You want to follow up on any emails a timely manner, but no, you don’t need to check your inbox throughout a meal with friends. Give the hunt no more than 100% and the rest of the time, step away from the computer and invest in the other parts of your life.