The Ultimate Guide To Interviews

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Interview is probably the most widely used selection tool.It is a face to face interaction between two persons for a particular purpose.It is a method by which an idea about an applicant’s personality including intelligence,interests and general attitude towards life can be obtained.Interview is an attempt to secure maximum amount of information from the candidate concerning his suitability for the job under consideration.

There are some objectives of interview. They are as follows

1.Judgement of applicant
Interviewer knows about the applicant and judges based on the interview.The information gathered from application and tests is judged by talking to the candidate.The appearance ,ability to communicate,attitude,nature etc are also judged at the time of interview.

2.Give information to the Applicant

Applicant is given full information about the nature of the job ,hours of work ,opportunities for advancement, employee benefits and services etc.this makes the applicant make his decision of joining or not joining the job.

3.Promote Goodwill

The interviewer should be treated with courtesy, if not likely to be selected then reasons for it has to be given , offering constructive  suggestions to them. All these things will give a good opinion of the company.

4.To Establish a Rapport

Interview builds up a feeling of mutual understanding and confidence between the personal department and the applicant.

5.Invaluable tool

Interviewing is an invaluable tool of disciplinary action,grievance handling and relations with unions.

6.Solve problems

Counselling  interviews are information gathering  but their main purpose is to solve problems.


Exit or termination interviews find out why an employee is leaving or seeking job elsewhere.

Limitations of Interview

  • Personal bias
  • The Halo effect
  • Constant Errors
  • Leniency
  • Projection
  • Snap judgement
  • Lack of integration
  • Negative Emphasis
  • Pressure to hire
  • Telegraphing
  • Too much/Too little talking                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As we all know first impression is the best impression.Interview is  important and can be considered as the first impression. So a candidate has to be prepared well and should present well in front of the interviewer to get selected.

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