Quick Tips for Making Better SEO

Here I’m gonna share some quick tips to make Better SEO . First of all lets get to know what is SEO if you still don’t have an idea\

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.It basically involves the process of getting traffic from results of a search engine be it any Google,Yahoo Etc.. So Better SEO means when ever someone Searches a particular topic then the Page with Better SEO will show up on the First Results link.

So lets quickly get into the process of how to make Better SEO.

Tip 1: Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is one of the Main aspect which determines how good your SEO is,so choose your Domain Name discretely . Its better to go with a name which is relevant to your content and easy to search and remember.

Tip 2: Keyword

Keyword is the basically the word which most of the users use while searching.So one must focus on the choice of keyword you use for your website in the permalink because that will determine the amount of traffic is generated towards your website.

Tip 3: User Friendly website

This must be kept in mind that most of the search engines prefer User friendly Websites ,So while writing down the content and designing the website make sure your website is easy to use,understand and readability is easy for the User because everyone will prefer a user friendly website over a complex one any day.

Tip 4: Permalink

Permalink is a permanent static hyperlink ,more like an individual link to a specific blog.So a Permalink for this particular blog would look like “10-quick-tips-for-better-seo” the link is separated by hyphens in between the words,Having a keyword included in the permalink would be even better for Search engines to show on top results.

Tip 5: Content

Content plays a major role in determining the SEO results.A page with its own original content is always unique and different from others .Your page will be shown in results as it has original content and not just copy paste from other pages and this would help in attracting loyal followers who Visit again and again for your own content

Tip 6: Integrating Social Sites Sharing

You can generate traffic simply by integrating sharing options on various social sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest etc.Nowadays everyone has access to social sites and these play a major role in sharing information all over the globe so sharing your site or blog can help in generating like minded people who happen to like your content.

Tip 7: Usage of Optimized Images

While using images in blogs or sites make sure to not just upload it with a random generated name instead of that try to name the file relevant to content for example – “SEO.jpg”.Try proving image description and title too so that whenever someone searches for that particular image they can be directed to your page.

Tip 8: Interlinking

Interlinking a page or website with other pages or blogs so as to generate traffic.This is done by interlinking posts,pages,blogs related to your page or website.links of related or relevant pages should be provided.


That’s it here are few quick tips which can help in better Search Engine Optimization(SEO) .Hope it helped.