Instagram Marketing Tactics You May Not Be Using Until Now !!!!!

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Strengthen your marketing campaign by using this step by step Instagram Marketing Strategy to grow your Instagram Profile.

Learn how to create an optimized Instagram page, creating content and increasing post engagement.

Why Instagram?

3 Reasons why Instagram is Important for your Business.

  1.  There are More Than 800 Million Monthly Active Users. More and more people are getting on Instagram to engage with friends and Brands.
  2. 80% of Users follow a Business on Instagram. Better platform to promote your brand or business.
  3. 30% More Engagement Rate than Facebook. The world’s largest social media platform has lesser engagement rate than Instagram, they why wait!!!!!!

Instagram Marketing Strategy

An Instagram Page is a Representation of your Business on

Marketing Goal

Before you get started on marketing in any terms, you must do market research. Know what is your target audience and what market you want to capture with the help of Instagram. Having a hold on your target audience helps you to create content what would be more engaging for your target audience. By keeping in mind what target audience is, the market would be captured more efficiently.

Competitor analysis

Analysing the competition is one of a major factor that you must consider during market research. Competitor analysis gives you an insight what your competitor does. How are they performing? What tactics are they using? What are the users liking them and what not? What tactics or ways are successful and which of them can you use in your Marketing. It provides a whole lot material for you to make a concrete strategy with proven and past used ways. It will get you hold that where do you stand within the competition. Who is your closest competitor and what next to achieve?


Creating an Instagram Account

Get started here

  1. Create an account with your Gmail account or Facebook Account(FB Page account if made).
  2. Pick a Username. Your Business Name must be your Instagram Username.
  3. Choose right profile photo. Must use your Business Logo.
  4. Optimising your Instagram Bio. It must be concise and crisp. It must tell about your Business and you can also add the link to your website.
  5. Switching to Business Profile. You can easily switch to Instagram Business Profile from Instagram Settings. It will give you a bit more Instagram Insights.
  6. Link your Facebook Page. It is a must to do. It will also help you lessen your work. You can post on Instagram and from Instagram itself, it’ll be posted to your Facebook page.

6 Proven Formula for Instagram Marketing

1.Optimizing the way you post

Images and Videos both are widely used on Instagram posting. But Photos get 36% more engagement than videos. You must post both. But you can optimize by adding more number of photos and regular posting of videos, say twice or thrice a week.

2. Consistency

Consistency is the most important rule that you must follow in order to get organic reach. Maintain a regularity. Whether its Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any other Social Platform, since there are billions of users, you must post regularly in order to get to the audience. Also, it increases audience retention and engagement as they feel that this Business is doing their hard to reach out to them.


Instagram stories are the new fun way to interact with the followers. You can make a poll, ask something or just a small update, anything. It makes your audience feel that the Business is live with them. Just any small story will help you to gain trust with the audience.

4.Instagram Live

Instagram Live is also a great way to interact with the audience live. All your followers will get a notification that you are Live. You can interact with the followers while you are live. That is the most fun way to interact with the audience.

5.Using #hashtags

Most of the people just use hashtags for fun. You must know that it has a great influence and also it’s a very easy way to increase organic reach. Hashtags trigger a particular group of audience. Like someone is using #instafood or #fries in their post or searching for then or even if they are following any food-related page which somewhere consists these hashtags and your post consists something related to food or it itself is a pic of fries, then you use #fries or #instafood in your upload. Then that user is more likely to see your post somewhere in their feed. It triggers organic reach and the best part about it is it makes you reach to those also who are not your followers or your follower’s followers. In simpler means using right hashtags with your posts enables you to reach to totally unknown audience. One note must be their hashtags must be related to your post, also using hashtags that are currently trending is one of main catch to reach the audience.

6.What your Post

You must consider what are you posting. Is it relevant to your Business or Brand? Will users find it interactive enough that can make them engage with it?Some of the things you can count in to make your posts interactive and more engaging are

  • Posting contents and giveaways
  • Launching a product live
  • Using “Caption this” with a photo is the best way making users comment on your post.
  • Using caption like “Comment if “, ” Like if”, “Tag your mate” will also help your post to engage with the audience in a better way.

Bonus Tips

  • Like SImilar Pages.
  • Do cross sharing. Link to Instagram from Facebook and vice-versa.
  • Add Instagram plugin to your Website.
  • Look at the best time to post.

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