Writing PTE Essay

Essay needs to be of 200-300 words and we can target on around 220-250 words.

We have to make sure that the main idea or the point of the topic is covered.

Focus on one starting line and ending line to close your statement.

Focus on word limitsMake sure you have written within the required word limit, your essay has the correct topic focus and point of view, and your
grammar and spelling are correct.


Lets start with some sample topics:

Topic :
Many people think regions effect successful persons.
What is your opinion about native regions and accomplished person influence on the regions they belong to
Do you think that place where the person grew has an influence on his accomplishments. Explain with example.



Places where people grow up has a major significance on their accomplishments. Every place demands different need and it
impacts the way people think of career ideas.

There are many favorable factors in the region that helps businesses.
One driving factor is their knowledge of career which they seek from people living close to their location and they get
expertise in many of related skills while they are growing up. They have aware of the all the rules, tricks and problems of that business
and get ideas from people living in same area. People will think of farm related ideas if they live near farms and similarly people in silicon valley will think of computers related ideas.

Another factor is the demand of a particular skill or product which makes people think of their career options.Career in demand
generally pays good and people tends to focus on jobs that are in demand for that region.

Resources of the regions also help in people to think about their career and people focus on
careers related to ideas which involves resource that are easily available
in affordable range in that region.

This is very much justified by looking at business patterns and new millionaires coming up from certain areas.
We can consider an example of businesses from China , a leading manufacturer of many day to day products.
Resources are easily available and manufacturing cost is very low and that has helped many businesses to focus on manufacturing.

So factors like resource availability ,skills and demands of the location makes regions to be a significant part
in people decision of making their career choice and accomplishments.


Another example :

Spend some time in finding key points and write your starting and closing statements first and then try to add inner content

Lets pick another example
Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions.Discuss

Our first statement : Many Top level authorities allows
Key points : Suggestion from different people, diversified knowledge, new ideas ,people will feel more value in company, negative-> Waste time
Our Example: na
Our last statement : It helps

Essay :
Many Organizations have started taking ideas from all employees while making some decisions and this is
turning up to be very beneficial for them. It can sometimes create chaos but I think that it is very helpful
and shows good values of the company.

Employees gets a very good feeling of oneness when they are asked to provide suggestions.
They will be very diligent and can provide good ideas. It also increase their faith towards their organization.

Generally Top Level Authorities have a different way of seeing the problems and
employees can provide their perspective also which can help to provide a solution considering all cases.

Also we get diversified suggestions when we consider getting suggestions from all employees and
which helps getting best solution.

It should be done in way that organizations gets all the benefits
of having a diversified solutions without creating chaos and wasting everyone’s time. We also don’t want employees to get distracted from their regular work.

Even I will like to work for an organization which takes suggestions from all employees and
I think Authorities should atleast take suggestions from all
and then they can use all the information to plan for the best solution.

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