How to write an Entry level cover letter

How to write an Entry level cover letter
Well most of us know that when we write our first cover letter 
we write it with utter understanding and much care because we 
know that if we do anything wwrong in writing it we have to suffer
a job loss.So try to make a good cover letter,also try to add som-
ething different in it that will make your cover letter outstanding
First add your contact information  like address,phone number etc.
Keep in mind that you have to keep the writing pattern same as the 
different pattern will look odd one.Mark bullets at the desired p-
oints or use semi colon.Make the paragraphs required because it shows 
the pattern you use for writing.Mark the each paragraph with a heading
so that it will be easy for the hiring manager to find out.Must add some 
keywords related to your job post so that hiring manager think that you 
have enough knowledge about that field.Also write something interested 
about that company because he will be able to know that you had made enough
research about the company.Always write with a simple language never use some 
other writing fonts while writing because this directly shows that your motto 
is to impress the hiring manager.There are several articles related to cover 
letters you can find it easy to check about more cover letters at