Why should I hire you

Why should I hire you?


Interview, this term itself sends butterflies flying into most people’s stomach, yet you cannot miss the interview process without answering questions. There are many common questions, yet why should I hire you is a very common question and the answer varies with each person depending on the situation, qualification, experience and so on.


Common questions

Every interview question offer the hiring person or recruiter information about you. Many interviewers ask these questions:


  • Why you consider being the best candidate for this job?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Why are you considering being a right fit for this job position?
  • What do you bring to this position?


There is a need to be prepared to close a deal and so having answers to these questions really helps. There may be situations when your interviewer does not pose these questions, yet being prepared with answers and considering ways to communicate ensures you clear the interview process successfully.


Why this question is asked most times?


Why should I hire you? This is a question asked in most interviews and this is because they wish to confirm to hire the right candidate for the position. Candidates mostly reach the interview stage with their qualifications and the winning candidate must be suitably qualified to have a stand in a competitive job market.


A company also considers hiring as a risk and recommending a candidate to hire is a personal career risk for each recruiter representative of the company. If the hired candidate performs well, the Mr. Recruiter is seen as brilliant and if the candidate makes a bad show, the Mr. Recruiter appears a dummy and his reputation suffers.


This question of hiring you revolves around you selling yourself to him. You have to convince him of these things such as:

  • You can deliver best results in your work
  • You will fit and be a useful addition to the team
  • You have combination of experience and skills to make you appear outstanding
  • Hiring you will ensure the company profit and it is a smart decision


How to Answer: Why Should I Hire You?


Answering gives you a chance to show your highlights. Ensure to answer with three or four best reason. The reasons must be really strong. Do not keep rattling about yourself.


Use this opportunity to show your impressive strengths and must be the best selling points that are aligned with requirements suitable to the job description. Your main best reasons can be a combination of these:


  • Experience in the same industry and performing certain tasks
  • Soft and Technical skills
  • Awards/accolades for key accomplishments
  • Education /Training


Accomplishments are good bets and when you describe a key accomplishment, demonstrate a perfect competency. If you have strong skills in programming and if you are able to combine with the experience of team leadership, it appears a great package to fit the position of a senior programmer.


Practice to answer this question, but do not memorize any script. Remember, you should appear confident as you deliver the answer about your commitment and abilities.