What is Jaundice

The jaundice is the name given to the sickness that turns the mucous membranes, skin and white of eyes into a yellow color. It is also called icterus and it is the result of bilirubin in blood. The bilirubin is a result of old red cells in the blood. In normal cases, bilirubin has to be processed by the use of the liver and it is mixed with bile before it gets excreted into the feces.

Sometime the children can be born with the yellowing of the eyes and skin which is the condition known as newborn jaundice. This is a common problem and it can be found in more than 60% new babies.

In some cases, this problem does not need any treatment. However to be in the safe side, you have to contact your childcare provider if you see any yellowing of the skin or the eyes. This is to monitor and to evaluate the level of bilirubin in your child’s blood.

In children or in adult, the jaundice will be build up if there is any sickness that affects the liver and which can make the liver to dysfunction or to get damaged. Sometime the problem also can cause the bile duct to block. The problem that can cause the bile duct blockage are gallstones and pancreatitis.

Serious diseases than can cause the damage of the liver are cirrhosis or hepatitis. The jaundice can be caused by hemolytic anemia. Any other problems that cause the destruction of red blood cells also cause the jaundice.

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