Ways to Make Your Online Resume Stand Out

Ways to Make Your Online Resume Stand Out
We sometime write resume not to get a job but to post it online
and to get likes or comments on it but the hardest thing is to 
design it in such a way that people can find it easily.So,first
let it be published at a sesirable site where you know that there
is list of applicants looking for resume.
1.Make it VERY easy to find
Try to post it on easily available and known sites like facebook,
pininterest,linkedin,googleplus and many more sites because the more 
simple the sites are the more likes you get because no one surfs too
hard to find a proper note.
2.Check your primary link
Make sure that the link of your resume is working because mostly people
have a habit of copying link or resume Url to forward someone.So, check 
regularly that either the link of resume is working properly or not.
3.When visitors find your online resume, they should know it
You must submitt your name and real contact details so that the visitor may
know that you are the true one writing this resume not the fake one because
correctly filled information is a sign of your trustworthyness.
4. Elaborate
Make all details clean and clear because an odd looking resume attracts no one as 
there is lot much stuff available on internet so make it attractive one.

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