Why use job search engine

Why use job search engine?

Job search engines like Monster and Indeed are commonly used which puts thousands of jobs in your hand. There are few tips to use these sites effectively and efficiently:

Posting a resume isn’t enough:

It’s not something like you have submitted resume and assume the job offers will come to roll over in. Be proactive.

Use Keywords

Make sure your resume contains specific keyword relevant to your current technology and platform for past work, degree and credentials. Include the more common terms like manager, accountant, and trainee if a company in your employment history used an unconventional title job. You just can’t rely on employers to stumble across your posted resume, when company do research they search for a potential employer they will likely use narrowly defined keywords.

Check formatting

When you print resume you have completed formatting according to your best look but what happens sometimes when you post resume online and when they open at their computer its formatting changes. Make use you have done indentation, spacing correctly pay more attention towards it. They’re often gets lost in translation across formats. Use PDF file to preserve your document.

Use telecommute position

Search jobs from which you can work from home. Search for positions with companies located outside of your local area.

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