Top 8 ways to get Fast and Instant Traffic

Top 8 ways to get Fast and Quick Traffic.

This article is for getting quick traffic to your website without SEO. Sometimes, you have clients who want traffic to   their website in a week or 10 days and they are not actually looking for long term traffic or SEO . At that time onpage and   regular offpage optimization will not be an ideal solution.

We can try following ways to get instant traffic

1)search engine submission : Submit to all search engines

2)Local Listing

a)create a free listing for your local business on Google Maps Local Business Center ( and   Yahoo! Local ( That way your business can show up on a map when people do a local search.

b) Don’t forget to put your web address in your Yellow Pages ad.

3) Press Release/Articles – Post few press releases with back links to your website Try prlog. Post few articles with back links to your website .Try ezine.

4)Social Media

a) blogs – create small blogs with similar content. Use  wordpress , blogger

b) social networking sites   – twitter, facebook, linkedin ,ryze

c) social bookmarking sites  -digg, delicious, linkhello, linkpostdirectory ,stumpleupon, reddit,Netscape, Slashdot

d) forums – Try posting links  all related forums

5) Ads/Classified posting – use free ads/classified services. Try regional base  classifieds website also – like for   usa  prefer

6)Questions and Answers services – such as Yahoo Answers attract many people looking for a particular solution, product   or service.

7) Opinion websites – such as

8 ) Blog Commenting