Top 8 Ways for Good Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is considered an excellent method to get one-way links pointing back to your site. The greater number of one-way links to your site the higher rankings for that site. Though it may seem to be simple and easy but it is a powerful tool. Blog comments can really bring good PR juice to your pages.

Blog comment requires the name of the commenter, e-mail id, website URL. Once these fields are entered, then you can post your comment.

Below are some tips mentioned that will help to be a good blog commenter.

1.) Go through the Comment Policy

Blogs do have some “Comment Policy”. Never violate the rules of the comment policy. If you violate the rules, you might be marked as spam and your comment would also not be approved. Read and understand the comment policy first of all.

2.) Read the Blog Post Carefully

Read the blog post, and understand it. Never comment without reading the post. No doubt it will take time, but at the same time, it will provide a good reward. Read the post so that you can be able to join the discussion. Post relevant comments, and never comment on irrelevant things. This can be done only if you have read the blog post carefully.

3.) Avoid Short Phrases Comments

Avoid comments like “Cool Post”, “Nice Post”, “Thanks for the Post” etc. These comments indicate about your unawareness about the blog post. It leaves a bad impression of yours, and also indicates that you are just trying to get the back links to your website. Always post a comment that has relevance to the blog post.

4.) Ask questions

Ask questions, to show that you are listening. Show that you are interested in the blog post and not alone in the link-building.

5.) Be humble

Try to be humble. Even if you know everything about the topic, try to appreciate the skills of the writer, and never offend anyone, by writing, “This is just stupid…” or “You are so wrong…” etc. Tell the blogger about the mistakes in a humble manner.

6.) Comment on Relevant Blogs

Comment on the blog posts that are relevant to your blog or website. This way you will be getting back links from relevant sites that is of great importance in the eyes of search engine.

7.) Make a Comment that is Valuable

Make comments that are useful and help you participate in the discussion. Comment only when you know about the post. Be active. And you should be in the reach.

8.) Comment only when you can contribute to the Post.

Comment for the blog post when you can add up something to the knowledge of the visitors. Your comment once approved will be visible to everyone. So, place a comment that is informative. It should not be the spam, like “cool post”, “nice post” etc. Never try to spam the blog. Write a comment that is related to the post and is valuable to the readers.

By following all of the above mentioned tips you are increasing the chances of approval of your comments and you can get a back link as a reward. So do keep all these points in mind while commenting on blogs.