Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

To improve your blog posts you need to follow certain steps that will make your blog a
worthy one. Some of the tips for blog writing are mentioned below:
1 . ) Write about the topic that is important to you as well as the readers
Write about the topic that matters to you. The topic has to be such that it is very much
attention grabbing. The writing must communicate some sort of energy to its readers.
People mostly look out for the material that is of use to them. The reader will look out
what’s in for them. The blog has to be a reasonable and worthwhile one.
2.) Keep it sweet and short.
The post should be of 250 words. It has to be short enough. The longer posts are hard
to remember. Provide the best information with the least words, so that the reader
does have a hold of your post.
3.) Good text Layout has to be there
The blog post should be readable enough. Make use of commas, paragraphs, line-
breaks so that the post does appear good. Readability has to be of prime importance.
There has to be a smooth flow throughout your post.
4.) Make use of Keywords and do link often
Make sure that you make use of keywords in your blog post. In this way the search
engines will love your post and rankings will also go high. Linking to other blogs or
websites will also help you gain more visitors. People do not have much time to find
out other blogs. You can help them out by providing certain links.
5.) Be Consistent with your style
Develop a writing style for yourself. People who adore your writing style will love to
read the posts provided by you. And try to provide a post that is warm and accessible.
6.) Make use of a clear headline
The headline provided must contain the whole of the argument. The headline has to
be bold and clear and such that the readers come to know about the blog post from its
7.) Include Lists
Make the use of bullet lists to maximize your post. Bullet lists or numbered lists help
to focus on important points of the blog post. With the lists the format provided gets
easy to understand.
8.) Proof Read your Post
Before publishing your blog post, re-read your blog post to check out that there is no
grammatical or spelling mistake in the post. Cut out the unimportant stuff from the

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