Top 8 Android Applications 2010

Top 8 Android Applications 2010

Android applications are not very large as compared to your I phone applications, but there are still enough to be overwhelmed and moreover its applications are growing at an increasing rate.

The platform that is provided by Android is very big that anyone can make their home screen look different a month from now. Some of the best applications that I have found on Android are listed below:

  • Places Directory– With the help of this application, you can easily find the shops and services near your current location. From your restaurants to movie theatre to various medical facilities to taxis, this application is found to be accurate. Moreover, this application is much better than the information you retrieved from your GPS unit or similar information you can get from your I phones.
  • Pandora- This is one of the top Android applications 2010. Pandora basically acts a radio station for internet age. You can simply search by an artist or by song and it will also create a play list of your favorite songs. This application also places an occasional ad between your songs provided the ads should be well localized as well as useful.
  • Google Goggles- This application actually perform visual searches. Though its scope is limited in nature but its quite pretty and cool application. You can take pictures of various things and then this application tries to tell you what they are. One of the coolest features that this application provides is that if you take pictures of text in a foreign language then it will perform the task of translation for you.
  • Gist- Mostly the people scattered their contact lists on various computers or devices or on some online services. So, this application is really helpful for those people as this application bring altogether all the contacts even pull in stuff from the Web to help you stay up to date with your most important contacts. You can also find similar application on I phone.
  • Google Voice- The next top Android application 2010 is Google Voice. Apple rejected the Google voice application from I phone but I find this application really useful. This application provides you a phone number that can make ring to multiple places and moreover you can access all of your voicemail and text messages over the web. Through this application you can also make your mobile number private.
  • FxCamera- The camera provided by Android application has full customization options and also offers some great effects for photos. But the camera software is that part of the Android application which needs major improvement.
  • Astro File Manager- With the help of this application, you can navigate through Android file system. One of the great things about Android is that you have lower access to the system itself. So, this application really helps you.
  • Tricorder- This application converts your Android device into a virtual tricoder. Smart phones are also similar in function like your tricoders. This application also offers information on environment, including your GPS data, wireless data, and various sound measurements.

We created  this list of top Android Applications after looking into various android based directories,  ratings , reviews and downloads.

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