5 Signs of a Winning Resume

5 Signs of a Winning Resume    We usually write a resume to get a job but after sending our resume   we still have a dount in our mind that whether uor resume is appreciated   by the hiring manager or not.Well it depends on hiring manager's mood but  your resume should be good one so that hiring manager may find it quite  interesting to read.Hrere are some tips to add in your resume so that  hiring manager may like it :    1.They’re beautiful to look at  Make your resume a creative one think like a hiring manager and take it as   if you are checking someone's resume and what you assume from it.Add some   colourfull words and mke it look extra ordinary.    2.Their organizing principle is obvious and very easy to grasp  Try to make a resume pattern wise first giev alittle bit into of yours after   that educational qualificatons following it share experiences and in the end   contact details.SO,make a ]n easy pattern so that a hiring manager will be able to   remind your's one.    3. Parallel structure rules the day  Try to make a similar pattern like marking bullets or making hyphons.If you are   using bullets then there is no space of rhyphons or other signs at all because a   different one from all the pattern looks odd one out.    4.The candidate clearly has a personality  Show up your personality ,write how you came to know about this job and mention   your attemps made to get this job in futureand must share your plan B if you will   not get this job in future.This shows your stability and cleverness of mind.    5.Great resumes aren’t created alone  It is the fact .we never create resumes alone in a room .Adter making your resume show   it to someone who will further add some relevant thins in it so that you have more chances   to get selected but the person must be related to that field otherwise you have to pay huge   if something goes incorrect.

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