How to Build an Empire with Twitter Tools?

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Successfully manage your social media accounts are full of challenges. This is absolute, that if you want to build up decent and engage fan following you need to use various well known time-saving tools. There are several twitter tools in the market that make it difficult to which ones we trust. Therefore in order to leverage our twitter account, we need third party tool. There are many third party tools like social oomph, buffer, Tweetdeck, HootSuite. In this ocean of twitter tools, there are some good tools which people are mainly looking to increase their sales and reach. Here Come new ideas for Twitter Tools that boost your productivity on twitter.


 Tweeple Search
With the help of this tool you can:
*Find main audience or influencers in any domain sorted by follower count.
*Analyze your competitor’s Twitter followers to understand their marketing patterns.
*Find powerful Twitter influencers which are mainly based on keywords and the content they share.
*Tweeple Search helps you find the audience which is relevant &
*provide powerful impact for your business on Twitter.




It’s a Twitter growth tool which helps you get relevant followers with features like Copy followers and Keyword follow. -It assists you to Schedule your tweets so that you will get the maximum reach after publishing and also manage your followers who are in active or who unfollow you. It also engages your new users with the automatic direct message.
*First, it connects to your website, blogs, and social accounts and will help you grow using all of them.
*It takes you through a few tasks every time that is mainly personalized to your more goals, sales, visitors, clicks, and followers.


social oomph

This tool is also known as the “underdog of Twitter” bcoz of its simple design and powerful features. It offers both free and premium plans. This tool will take care of your Twitter profile’s automation and has been endorsed by many social media experts.
* It manages up to five Twitter profiles.
* Here you can automatically send a direct message to the new followers.
*social oomph automatically follows new followers.
* social oomph feature called Vet followers will help you to manually follow new followers.
*There is a feature called Purge Tweets that deletes all the tweets on your actual Twitter account. Always use this feature with caution, bcoz the purge is permanent.
*social oomph automatically unfollows users who unfollow you.
*Email Reply Digest is also one of the features of SocialOomph. that helps you to send a single Email Digest every day.
*It also comes with a tweet scheduling feature that helps you to schedule your tweets according to your choice.



hey, you can say triberr is a social media platform where bloggers join different tribes, and where tribe members share their posts, and followers decide whether they share it or not. It mainly connects you with other bloggers that can promote your content, as well as make it focus on sharing. In other words, if you want your content promoted to new circles, this is the right place.



follower wonk

*Followerwonk helps you to explore and grow your social graph.
* It mainly assists you to dig deeper into Twitter analytics and explains you who are your followers? where they are located ?and when do they tweet?
* With the help of this tool you find and connect with new influencers in your niche.
*with the help of this tool, you can use different visualizations and compare your graph with others.




TwtPoll is another great tool for gathering interactions with the followers. Here you can create polls or surveys, where you can set up multiple questions and interact in the form of feedback from your followers. This is the great platform where you ask questions and get feedback and always engage your users.
In twtpoll, you can type different type of questions in the form of multiple choices, matrix, ranking or rating scale. Here you can display your survey to everyone or just share it with your team.
With these powerful Twitter tools, you can manage your account and engage with your audience. Regardless of your goals, a strong Twitter campaign and with the help of these tools, you can boost your productivity on twitter.

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/08/2017

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Twitter is nothing similar to Facebook or Instagram. It is very distinct from both of these. The distinct features of Twitter make it unique. And so does Twitter Marketing must have a different approach.

  • 140 character limit: Great for both audience and brand. It saves audience’s time and forces crisp and concise communication.
  • Real-time News Feed: Twitter feed is ordered in chronological time order. A tweet is shown until a new tweet follows up.
  • @mentions and @replies. A mention is a Tweet that contains another user’s @username anywhere in the body of the Tweet. If you include multiple @usernames in your Tweet, all of those people will see your Tweet on their Notifications tab. Sending @replies to another user is also handy to directly pointing at a particular user.
  • Direct messages (DM’s): You can also use direct message feature on Twitter.


  • Getting more retweets. 
    1. Encourage your followers to retweet your tweet. It increases your visibility.
    2. Share original and distinct content.
    3. Try to include a picture in the tweet.
    4. Say thanks to those who retweet your tweet.
  • Optimizing your account.
    1. Create your account and keep it simple.
    2. Twitter logo. Use the business logo or photo of yours.
    3. Twitter Bio. Don’t make it too glittery. Make it crisp, simple and accurate. Just write what you are and what you do.
  • Promoting your Twitter handle
    1. Add your Twitter link to every other platform.
    2. Add your Twitter profile link to your Gmail Signature.
    3. Add the Twitter link to your Website.
    4. Add a plugin to your Website to show your real-time Twitter activity.
  • Using #hashtags
    1. Hashtags have importance everywhere. Always try to use hashtags whenever you tweet.
    2. Don’t overflow your tweet with many hashtags. Use 6-8 hashtags in a tweet.
    3. Don’t use any trending hashtag. Always use the hashtags that are related to your tweet and are live.
  • Follow
    1. Follow top Twitter users of your niche.
    2. Follow your competitor to keep track what your competitor is doing.
  • Join a Trending Conversation
    1. Always be active on Twitter. Try to indulge in the ongoing conversations on Twitter. The more you interact the more people will know about you.
    2. Try to reply to others, mention them.


  • Use to shorten your links. Helps you to make your tweet tidier. Try it
  • To find hashtags use Ritetag .it also helps you to see hashtag stats.
  • Use Twitter symbols to make your tweet look more catchy.
  • Also, check out Twitter Analytics and  “Poster Boy Formula”  technique.

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