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Telephone Interview Questions Hot Tips

Without any doubt, telephone interview is an integral part towards the successful recruitment of candidates into any vacancy in an organization. Prior to this time, prospective employers must have gone through the candidate’s resume and application while taking specific steps to know more about the candidates. Indeed, telephone interview most of the time is usually taking by candidates as do or die while it is an avenue for the employers to find the suitability of all candidates for the vacant positions. As a matter of fact both employers and the prospective applicant has equal right to ask questions during interview but at different times. While the employers are expected to ask their questions first and awaits reasonable questions from each candidate, the candidate are as well expected to ask for some clarifications in form of question towards the end of the interview.

The following are some of the telephone interview questions the employers usually ask, but the list is has not been exhausted:

Can you introduce yourself or tell me about yourself?

Please tell me about you’re your educational background.

Are you on the payroll somewhere? If yes can you tell me about the place?

If unemployed, since when have you been unemployed and what made you to leave the place?

If currently employed why are you planning to leave your job?

Can you itemize your routine responsibilities with your current employer?

When was the last time you received promotion in your place of work?

Have you worked in managerial capacity?

How many years of experience have you?

Can you effectively work under pressure or stress? Can you give an illustration relating to you past experience?

What are your strengths and weakness?

Why do you think you are the most qualified for this job?

Can you tell us about your greatest professional performance? Have you experienced any worst professional moment? When and how?


What gives you concern about your fellow member of staff?

Have you been fired by anyone?

Do you think you are an accomplished man or woman?

Can you tell me what you really know about this organization?

Is this the only place you are applying?

In what way have you gone through personal development in the last few years?

In case you are offered this job, how long do you intend to spend with us?

In most telephone interview question, candidates are most likely to be giving opportunity to ask questions. Hence, the following questions can be asked by the candidates:

Where is the last person that held this position and why did he or she left the job?

Are there any career steps in this job?

Please can you let me know the most challenging part of this position?

How many days do you fix overtime weekly?

What is the daily prospect of this job?

When next are you getting in touch with me?

What is the payment package?

Does the company have a training program for its staff?

Can you analyze the ideal candidates?

What is the next step following this interview?

In case you choose to hire me how soon can I start?

In the final analysis, the above outlined are some of the commonest telephone interview questions and they could be of help to both employer and the applicants.


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Important telephone interview questions you need to prepare


The interview is the most important part of the employment process. The phone interview
is generally followed to shortlist a group of candidates who have submitted their CVs to
select the final candidates who will get the job. The phone interview is a bit different from
normal interview. Facial expression and body language are cut off and only content of the
reply and voice tone matters. You need to give more importance to the telephone interview

What are the topics to focus on?

Telephone interview helps the employers to get a proper idea about your personality before
they actually talk to you one-on-one. The questions are generally related to the following

About your professional background and qualifications

About the utility that you can provide to the company, the reason why should you be

About your professional weaknesses and strengths

Finally they ask you what you are expecting from the job, professionally as well as

Some of the most frequently asked questions

In an interview you do not need to expect something very strange to be asked. They are just
trying to know you and see how fit you are for their job. A question that has been observed
to be important are:

Tell us something about yourself

It is the question aimed to know your professional background. Try to keep it short
and clean. You may include the positions and responsibilities you had taken.

Your abilities

You need to display your strengths, but do not completely forget your weak points.

Keep the strengths and qualifications in relevance to the job requirement.

What do you know about us

Having knowledge of the company you are applying to, is very essential. Keep a short
note about the company especially their positive effect in the world.

What are you expecting in the future

Mention the financial part in very short part and keep the rest for the professional
achievement you will gain.

 Keep yourself well prepared for the telephone interview questions.

You do not need to prepare your expressions and body language as it will be just on the phone

Do research about the company properly and their job requirement. A wrong answer in

this segment can be treated as flattery.

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