Resume Canada Vs USA

How resumes are prepared in Canada and in USA


While in Europe CV and Resume have the same meaning, they have different meanings in the US and in Canada. When we consider Resume Canada Vs USA, we come to know that only in the US and Canada, there is difference between CV and Resume. In Canada as well as USA, the applicants prepare Resume when they want to apply for jobs in the private sector and also for non-academic professions.


The applicants are required to submit the CV when they apply for academic professions and also for jobs in the field of scientific research. In USA as well as Canada resumes are used more when compared to CVs. When we go through Resume Canada Vs USA, it is understood that the applicants submit CVs in the functional format when they change employers. The functional CVs in Canada and US highlight the skills that the candidate could develop from his previous jobs instead of highlighting the employers.

Use of catch phrases

When we go deep into Resume Canada Vs USA, we come to know that when it is prepared for the private sector jobs, it just provides the information that is relevant to the position advertised by the employer. Resumes in Canada as well as the US may not highlight the specialized areas of the applicant when he was in the college or when he made his publications.


The most outstanding similarity that one can find in Resume Canada Vs USA is that active catch phrases or keywords are used instead of detailed text so that the employer need not go word by word in the resume. Listing of previous positions held by the applicant in chronological order with the latest position at the first place is another common feature that catches our attention when we consider Resume Canada Vs USA. The various aspects that are directly relevant to the specified job will be focused in the resumes.

Less number of words

In Canada as well as US, the applicants prepare their resumes to highlight only the relevant strengths to the prospective future employer. Accordingly, they mention the selected aspects of their previous jobs and internships. By writing down in detail each and every aspect of their work experience they make a weak resume since it fails to effectively reflect the truly relevant achievements of the applicant. In both Canada and the US, less number of words makes the resume more impressive. They deliberately avoid detailed formulations for preparing resumes.

As concise as possible

In Canada as well as USA, the resumes are concise. The typical resume in these countries are just one page long. In rare cases, they make resumes that have two pages. In order to provide concise information, bold letters and bullets are incorporated in the resumes. According to the type of jobs for which the application is made, the job seekers in Canada and USA choose either of the three formats for their resumes – chronological, functional and combination. In Canada as well as USA, sometimes Resumes and CVs are interchanged. While resume is for highlighting the skills of the applicant, his or her academic accomplishments are highlighted in the CV.


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