Nurses resume example

Nurses resume example


Since there are a lot of positions in the nursing field, there are different types of jobs that you can consider. But when you prepare the resume for these jobs, you have to make the resume unique. In other words, you should try to let the readers know that you are applying for the clinical nurse field instead of the other positions in the nursing industry. If you cannot make the resume to this manner, it would be hard for you to convince the recruiters that you are the right person for the job.


In the normal resume for nurses, there would be different types of information that you need to include. For example, you need to tell the educational background of yourself because the recruiters would want to recruit somebody who is familiar with the local medical practice. In addition, you should let the recruiters understand about your personal strengths such that you would be the best candidate that they should consider.


If you have worked before as a nurse, you should not hesitate to include it in the resume. The previous working experience is always more important than other parts of the resume. You can put this at the higher position if you are prioritizing the resume items. Some of the people have suggested that people should explain the working background before introducing the educational background. This is one of the approaches that can work well. You would find the information from the Nurses resume example below and understand the steps to write good resume. With the help of it, the resume could be made easily.


Nurses resume example


Jack Wilson

S230 Drive, DACity,SD21031

Cell: 550-440-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position as a clinical nurse in a clinic or hospital where the skills of mine could be demonstrated and polished through the work



–          Good at nursing and medical principles

–          Able to communicate with doctors and patients efficiently

–          Good skills in writing and oral as well as electronic communication

–          Can work in a flexible schedule and can work with high standard


Work Experience

Clinical Nurse,CMCAHospital

2009 – Present

–          Assisted the patient screening

–          Maintained the documentation of the hospital

–          Prepared reports for doctors to evaluate the cases of patients

–          Assisted the patient assessment in different departments

–          Reported to doctors in case of any emergencies

–          Participated in the peer evaluation of nursing staff in the hospital

–          Took part in the hiring process


Clinical Nurse, SDDO Clinic

2008 – 2009

–          Assisted the doctors to communicate with patients

–          Provided patients with corresponding medicines

–          Assisted the works of other colleagues

–          Took part in the recruitment process of the new nurses

–          Prepared daily maintenance for the clinic and assisted doctors to file the documentation

–          Built good relationship with patients


Educational Qualification

SDVCM Institute of Nursing, Diploma of Nursing and Health Care



CollegeofNursing, Certificate in Nursing




Available upon request


Expected salary


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Nurses resume objectives

Nurses resume objectives


If you want to apply for the nursing jobs, you would need to understand the importance of resume. Although you would need to work and gain experience in this field in order to be hired, you should know the way to write a good resume in order to present all these experiences and expertise to your recruiters. There would not be practical interview in most of the cases. In other words, you would not be invited to demonstrate your skills in front of the recruiters for their assessment. Instead, you would only have the chance to let them know your knowledge and expertise through writing these things in the resume. This is the important thing that you have to understand. If you do not understand this clearly, you probably would not get application done well.


To start with, you should write the good resume objectives. This part would help you show your passion and your understanding about the job. Therefore, you should never be lazy in doing this part of the resume. There are a lot of ways that you can use to package the information that you want to tell to the recruiters. There are several examples below.


–          To apply for the job of clinical nurse in a good clinic which cares for the benefits of patients

–          To work as the nurse in a promising hospital and be promoted to the senior level in 5 years of time

–          To start the career in a good clinic as a nurse and stay with the clinic to achieve growth together

–          To run for the position of nurse in the local hospital which value the contribution of nurses and doctors in the field


Since there are many types of nursing position available in the field, you would need to tell exactly the way that you want to go. If the job is for clinical nurse, you would definitely need to state this in your resume objective. If you state that you want to work in other areas of the nursing field, the recruiters would question your application. They would think that you actually do not want to work in the position that you are applying for but something else. Therefore, they would not let you proceed to the next stage of the recruitment. This means that your application will fail.


Another important thing that you have to understand is that you do not need to show your qualification in this resume summary part. Most of the nurses would have obtained a license and there is nothing special for you to show it in the resume objective part. But you should focus on elaborating your personal goal and career objective in this part. This would help you persuade the recruiters that you are willing to stay with the firm and you would like to be part of the clinic or hospital when you climb up the ladder of the nursing path. This is important and you should never miss it when you write the resume.


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