keep in Mind during writing a cover letter

What to keep in Mind during writing a cover letter    We oftenly write resume in order to get a job but sometime we also  get rejected because of no reason.May be the interviewer was not   able to know much about you or may be your resume is not soo much   impressive.So the other option is to send a cover letter along with   your resume.Yes a Cover letter,it will show how possesive your are   for the job but there are somethings that you have to keep in mind   while writing a cover letter which are    1.Try to make a cover letter pattern from your own mind because copying     a cover letter pattern will add a minus point to your job option.    2.Try to add details related to your job option because the interviewer    got impressed when you provide sufficient knowledge related to that post.    3.You must also know the meaning of your post,your duties during the post    mostly people dont know where their postion stands after being a manager    or assistant manager.    4.Try to write about those qualities that show that how good you have command     with words because if you have good command on words then surely your workers or    employees are happy whole working with you    5.Last but not the least try to make a cover letter as short as possible and never    use different colours or designs to gave your cover letter a attractive look.You     can design it upto some extent but not too much because too much design may gave     a message that your are not sure of getting this job.

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