Job Tips From Recruiters

Job Tips From Recruiters    Here are some tips for those who are looking for job  directly from the desk of a job recruiter.    1.Never think that the job posts available online are only jobs left in a firm   sometimes recruiter close online applications just because of internet problem.    2.Learn more and more about the interviews on internet .Try to make use of good    keywords as it shows your communication skills.    3.Prepare yourself for an interview by practicing a lot at home or at place where    you find yourself comfortable.    4.Never try to prepare for some questions ,try hard to find difficult question on   internet such as your worst experience etc.    5.Make a overall reasarch about the job post and about the company also coz this     might help you a lot in making good impression in front of the interviwer.    6.Develop your social network so that you may also havee a chance during interview    to share social life experiences.    7.Make sure that your resume is good enough and it must include a cover letter.    8.Write your e-mail,phone number and address correctly    9.Try to make a one page resume,The resume should be an average one in length     not too long and not too short    10.Try to remind something good about you that is not good in others because your   outstanding behaviour is the best thing to ghet a job.

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