what to wear to interview

Do you know what to wear to interview?


The office and work place prescribes and abides by the act of dressing with codes.  They will always like their prospective workers to show them that they understand this and are always ready to queue into the dress style.


When considering what to wear to interview, you should be aware of the fact that the first impression you make to the interviewers is very important to the success and failure you will expect. This first impression is given by your dress code even when you are very far from the office in question. What to wear to interview should completely be dependent on the job role you are applying for and the dress code of the firm. You should also consider what your interviewer will wear.


A two piece suite with dark colors will be good for men. Never combine pants and jackets of different colors. White or sky blue long sleeved shirts with matching solid striped ties and belts that are very conservative will do. Wear black or navy blue shoes that are well polished with the lightest forms of perfume that will smell fresh and clean. Don’t go for the heavy ones. Trim you facial hair and make sure you shave well. Do not wear heavy jewelries except your wrist watches, cufflinks and wedding bands. No tattoos at all.


Women should wear a two piece suite of dark grey, brown or black with matching shirts or blouse. Your skirt should get to the knee to allow you sit and stand. Consider conservative and non heeled shoes. Apply less makeup and good manicure with light perfume. Avoid heavy jewelries. Even if you are going to the companies that will not necessarily allow you to wear suite. You still need to look very nice and sharp. If you get what to wear to interview right, you have passed more than half of the interview.



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Interview dress code that will land you the best job


The interview dress code will involve all the things you wear to the interview arena and they will immediately give the interviewer the first impression about you. You are liked and disliked on the interview arena due to what you come with. The first consideration when it comes to the dress code is the color. Never come to the interview table with either too bright or too dim colored wears. Make everything moderate as it concerns the color of your wear. The traditional colors will be very good for you.  Even if you are preparing for a casual work interview, it is always good to go there on professional and official wears. Getting them ready the day before will be good for you.


Men should wear suites or jackets of solid color. This will either be navy or dark grey and in rare cases black. The long sleeved shirt should either be white or of a matching color with the suite. Good matching belt and tie, dark stockings and no jewelries. They should come with very good and professional hairstyle. Shave well and trim your finger nails. You can also have a matching briefcase and most importantly matching official shoes. This is the best interview dress code for men.


Women should always wear suite of navy or dark grey color with a skirt that should be long enough for sitting down and getting up. The best interview dress code is that you should also go with traditional office coordinated blouse and some conservative matching shoes without much heels. Wear little or no jewelry with a neutral pantyhose and professional and non colored hairstyle. Then you can wear very light make up and perfume. Go with good manicured nails and a briefcase.


Cover all tattoos and make sure you don’t have gums, cell phone and iPod. They should be kept at home or outside the interview room.


Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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