Writing a Hr Cover Letter

human resource cover letter


Writing a Hr Cover Letter 

human resource cover letter

Writing a hr cover letter is a huge task in the sense that such a letter will be read by an expert in that particular field. This is one crucial thing that any person intending to make an application for a human resource position should be aware of. This is also boosted by the fact that most of job applications normally lands at the human resource department in most companies. Therefore, rest assured that they have come across numerous jobs applications and thus, have almost seen it all. This therefore, means that they have developed sharp skills when it comes to checking out resumes in search of relevant information to enhance their judgments in regards to shortlisting and eventually hiring. This also applies in the case of a cover letter since most of the resumes are normally sent together with cover letters.


Unlike other positions, which human resource managers will seek for second opinions from the line managers in those department, when it comes to human resource position they know exactly what is required of a candidate hence, have no intention of looking into cover letters which do not provide such. For the aforementioned reasons therefore, one need to write the best hr cover letter.


Basic principles


Do some research

Carry out some in-depth research about the company before even starting to write a cover letter. Know the position, the person, and the job descriptions of that particular human resource position. This will help you in customizing your letter to fit the job descriptions. In addition to that, also get to learn about the activities of the company, their strategies, and their products and services among others. Try to find out what they intend to solve by hiring another employee or they are just boosting their HR department with enough manpower. Most of the companies have websites which can be very useful in finding such information.


Show passion

Ensure to show passion for the position as this may just convince the employer that you are not only interested in collecting paycheck on a monthly basis but also to help the company grow.


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Human Resource cover letter

                                                                                Human Resource cover letter

When it comes to writing human resource cover letter there is a need to impress employer from all different angles. Like any other cover letter, a human resource cover letter mainly focuses on technical specifications and educational qualifications of the potential job seeker. Writing relevant cover letter is more important because when employer goes through your letter he feels you are the best candidate for the position mentioned. In order to impress him in an effective way, be specific to the opportunity and focus on your achievements and skills.

The main job of any human resource person is to carefully handle various tasks like employee counseling, performance monitoring, staffing, investments and training and development.

Tips for writing human resource cover letter

Your cover letter should not just focus on qualifications but it should also deal with your other mentoring skills and abilities. Here are some tips to write a great cover letter.

  • Always follow a specific business format while writing the cover letter

  • Maintain the need, minimum to the size of the page

  • Send cover letter along with resume always

  • Address human resource cover letter to the specific person by mentioning his name, address and organization

  • Give importance to additional skills and educational background

  • Also mention the position you are applying for.

  • Try to maintain positive tone and subtle in the cover letter

  • Sign the cover letter personally

  • It would be a wise decision to write assertive sentences at the end of cover letter or while concluding

Cover letter outline: in order to get the employer attention easily you need to sketch it in a perfect way. Divide the entire cover letter into opening paragraph, second paragraph and final paragraph. Also mention the other enclosures you have included with the cover letter.

Human Resource cover letter example

Dear Ms. Haynes

Re: Human Resource Officer – Reference No.345

With reference to the advertisement posted in one of the local newspaper for the position of Human Resource Officer in ABC Corporation, I am here by sending my cover letter along with the resume.

I am an efficient and self motivated subtle human resource expert with more than 5 years of practice in the industry. I own a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Chicago. I believe my skills and strengths perfectly suit the position you have stated.

In my present position at XYZ Corporation, I have established a firm commitment with the office staff by carefully listening to their queries and complaints that resulted in the 40% reduction of personal leave in my organization. I have accepted the extra responsibility given to me by company management and completed it successfully within the time framework.

Looking forward to hear from your side at the earliest possible and thanks for the interest shown to me.


Anna Watson

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