how long should a cover letter be

how long should a cover letter be    Usually we write a cover letter now a days to get a job as you know cover letter   provides some extra information related to an person applying for job.Some people  thought that writing a big cover letter may help them in gettinga job instead of   others but this is not true.Your cover letter may be brief but should include   relevant information related to you.We usually think that a 2 or 3 paged cover  letter may impress the interviewer but the fact is that no interviewer has enough  time to read a whole cover letter of 2 or 3 pages.He just want to know about additional   information related to you and it depends on you how smartly you prepare you cover letter   and present it in front of your interviewer.Try to keep it short hardly of one page not   more than one usually a cover letter has some of your good qualities and all of the   experience you had gained if you were working with some organisation.Besides this try to  make it attractive because sometimes a n interviewer get obessed while reading information   on a cover letter so if a cover letter with some different looks will be in front of his eyes   he might feel frsh or have a clear look at your cover letter in his mind and may suggest yor  name to the manager while looking for other good options at the company.So, try to make a different  and small cover letter.

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