Graphic Designers resume example

Graphic Designers resume example


Resume is always a piece of good advertisement about yourself. With the resume, you can let the others know more about what you have done in the past and your goals in the future. Therefore, you would need to make sure that you have included the sufficient information in the resume such that other people would be impressed by your work.


You have to put yourself into the shows of the recruiters or other readers of the resume. If you are reading the resume of the others, you would not want to see something unclear. You would try your best to read the information and to make sure that the information in the resume would be understandable. This is going to be the way that you need to do when you write the resume. In other words, you have to tell the truth in a clear way such that the recruiters would understand the meaning of the whole thing clearly


As a graphic designer, people would always want to make some funny things in their resume. But they are not advised to do so. It is because the resume would need to be professional and it would not be good if the graphic designer include a lot of new graphics into it. The format of a graphic designer resume should remain professional and plain in design.


If you are not sure about what information should be put in the resume, you can try to read the Graphic Designers resume example below and you may have more idea on the way that you need to follow in order to create good resume.


Graphic Designers resume example


Henry Henderson

23 Drive, DD 21030

Telephone number: 449-230-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position as the senior graphic designer in a growing company that can allow me to use my skills to create the designs comfortably

Personal Summary

–          Willing to learn from others and teach the others

–          Able to communicate with clients and media well

–          Have good experience in working within budgeted spending



–         Third Place, Graphics division award, FFM Fine Arts Competition

–          EREIR Award for Graphic Design

–          Managed a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for the company


Work Experience

Graphic Artist, CCM Corporation

2008 – 2010

–          Coordinated the freelance artists to create the photo shoots

–          Cooperated with managers to work for several projects about product advertisements

–          Negotiated with the media about the publication of the graphic design in the local media sites

–          Provided guidance for newcomer of the company


Graphic Artist, RRO Corporation

2005 – 2008

–          Supported several projects about product advertisement

–          Learned the use of several software to create graphic design

–          Assisted the senior graphic artists to create the layout of the project graphic design

–          Designed several product advertisements in local newspapers

–          Developed basic idea about website media graphic promotion


Educational summary

Bachelor of Fine Arts,DSAMUniversity



Expected salary




Available upon request


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Graphic Designers resume objectives

Graphic Designers resume objectives


If you want to be professional graphic designer, you would usually need training. Therefore, you should find a job in the firms about advertising or graphic design. It would help you grow by gaining the practical experience in the industry.


However, it is not easy to get a job in this industry today. There are a lot of people who have lost their job due to the bad economy. This means that you have to be smart and you have to show that you are very strong in order to get the job.


You should also let the recruiters know that you are ambitious in working for the company. In order to achieve all these types of effects, you can start by writing good Graphic Designers resume objectives. There are a lot of resumes which include the objectives of the resume as well as the career objective of the person as a whole. These types of information would be critical in helping you to get the trust from the recruiter because you can let them know more about yourself. There are some types of examples of the Graphic Designers resume objectives that you can refer to.


–          To work as a graphic designer in a large company which would enable me to work in different projects over the long run and become a professional designer

–          To apply for a graphic designer job such that I can gain practical experience in working for various projects

–          To obtain the opportunity to work in the international graphic design companies and get the experience in handling various graphic design projects


Some people prefer to play with graphics in the resume for the job. It is actually not necessary because recruiters expect something professional and plain in the resume. Even if you type something with the beautiful fonts and make graphic designs for the resume, it makes no difference in the eyes of the recruiters because they may be the human resources personnel rather than the real designers of the company. Thus, you may be screened out if you do not use the plain tone to write the resume and the Graphic Designers resume objectives section.


You have to find the characteristics of the company in order to draw the attention of the recruiters. If you can show that you understand the firm well in the objective section, it is easier for the recruiters to be impressed.


To conclude, you should look for the information about Graphic Designers resume objectives if you really want to get a job. The jobs would require people to prepare well in the resume writing part because recruiters would not have a lot of time being wasted for some rubbish resumes. If you do not state your career goal right at the beginning of the resume, your resume could hardly be read. If you can show in the objectives that you are the suitable person, they would have more time spent on reading your paper and let you go to the interview in the end.




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