Electricians resume objectives

Electricians resume objectives


If you are the electrician who looks for a promising job in a nice firm, you must know the tips to write good resume. A good resume can always bring you fortune because you would gain the support from the reliable firms. Although some people would think that you do not need to write good resume as long as you have the right qualification, the fact is that there are too many people having the same type of qualification in the market nowadays. Therefore, you have to package yourself well if you want to get the job.


The Electricians resume objectives could be stated clearly in the first part of the resume. You can follow the examples below as the reference.


–          To be a professional electrician in the field by working in a good firm for 5 years.

–          To grow with a fast-growing electrician firm by working as the junior electrician in the company

–          To look for a job as the senior electrician in the company which has the potential to get to the top 100 in US

–          To join a professional firm as the electrician and handle projects of different types

–          To work in a team of electricians and guide them through different projects from the perspective of senior electricians

–          To apply for a job which needs experienced knowledge and skills for the position


In the Electricians resume objectives parts, you can try to provide information about yourself to the readers. You can imply that you are the best candidate. For example, you can say that you are applying for the job which requires expertise. It implies that you think you have got the relevant expertise. Of course, you should be humble in some of the cases and you should not always show off your skills. Otherwise, the recruiters would think that you are too proud of yourself and you may not be able to cooperate with the others.


Many people think that the job of electricians would require teamwork, including the recruiters and other electrician colleagues. Therefore, you can emphasize that you are able to work in a team and you can cooperate with others. This can be done in the Electricians resume objectives section or the personal summary section. You should always put the relevant information in these regions.


Although there seems to be a lot of things that can be put in the Electricians resume objectives section, you would find that there are actually a lot of other types of information that you would need to put into the resume, such as the qualification and education background. Therefore, you should limit your Electricians resume objectives section to one fifth of the total space of the page. Otherwise, it would hinder you from providing some figures like academic score to show that you are capable for the job.


In conclusion, there are always some types of Electricians resume objectives examples that you can refer to. By modifying these terms, you can make the good resume objective section.




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Electricians resume example

Electricians resume example


The use of Electricians resume example is for people to take as a guide or reference and learn about the way to draft the good resume. The art of writing a resume is something that you need to learn if you want to have good jobs, particularly in the electricians industry.


Many of the jobs are regarded as electricians. For example, the electrical apprentice would be one of the electricians, who is still having the training for the job. The apprentice would perform the electrical work with the supervision of an electrician who has got the license. Therefore, it would be necessary for you to show that you are able to work under supervision if you are applying for this type of job.


If you apply for the job of a formal electrician, you would need to show that you are willing to learn and you are willing to teach. As mentioned above, you may have the chance to teach some newcomers. If you do not have the ability to communicate with the others well, you probably cannot fit for this job and you would be challenged by the recruiters about your capability to work well.


There are also other skills that you need to show in the resume such that recruiters would know that you worth an interview. For example, you should show that you have got the basic technical skills regarding the work of electricians. You have to be experienced with those skills like reading the blueprints of some work plans.


Electricians resume example


Michael Smith

0009 Street SMC

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 005-239-5970


Career Objective


To obtain the job of electrician where the experience could be useful in achieving the success in the job


Summary of skills

–          Good at using different tools, equipment and material for the job

–          Experienced in maintenance and installation of different networks and electrical systems

–          Comprehensive knowledge about using scissor lifts, forklifts and power tools

–          Able to follow instructions both orally and in written form

–          Good communication skills and is able to communicate with both senior and junior colleagues

–          Fast learner in working and can learn to work effectively


Professional background


Electrician, ADC Company

2009 – Present

–          Handled responsibilities such as repairing, altering, installing and maintaining the electrical conductors, fixtures and fittings for heating and powers

–          Performed work like repairing transformers, electrical generators, motors with other electricians

–          Performed the task of troubleshooting for some of the equipment in the company

–          Assisted the manager to prepare monthly report about the operation of the department


Electrician MEP Company

2007 – 2009

–          Maintained the accuracy of inventory record

–          Confirmed the proper operation of different electrical equipment

–          Assisted the other electricians to identify the malfunction of particular equipment

–          Attended training sessions about the use of new equipment

–          Assisted other colleagues to learn the use of some new equipment


Educational background

High Diploma in Electrical Science,CMSSchool




Available upon request


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