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Writing A Top Notch Cover Letter For Internship

Most college or universities have in their courses a period in which a student has to undergo through some industrial attachment. This is indeed a requirement for graduation. In most of the institution of higher learning this is known as internship. It is a great stepping stone to one’s career because getting an internship opportunity in a company of your choice guarantees you the much needed experience in the job market. Unknown to many students; applying for an internship opportunity require some level of professionalism especially when making an application.  This has seen a number of applications being turned down.

As you prepare a resume for that internship you should accompany it with a cover letter. A cover letter for internship will give the employer an overview of the kind of person that you are and the area where you are interested as far as job is concerned, your personally and your level of experience. A well done cover letter will surely land you that internship opportunity from that company that you’ve always yearn to work for. It will be worthy to mention some of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to writing a cover letter for internship.


The do’s

Be precise try as much to use few paragraphs as possible. Exercise some level of professionalism when writing such a cover letter. This is because just like any cover letter, this is an official document hence; the language used has to be professional. Show them reasons why you need the internship and why you are up for the challenge.


The don’ts

Do not write a generic cover letter it is an official letter hence; ensure to include all the necessary details. Don’t be passive, do not let the company work with their convenient time; make it clear that you will follow up with them on a regular basis to check on the status of your internship. A cover letter is a brilliant opportunity to make an impression and thus, one should make it count.


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sample cover letter for internship

How to draft the best cover letter for applying to internship programs?

If you have to impress someone, you need to do it  in the first instance. With that said, you need to create an impression in the mind of the recruiter about you.  Are you aspiring for applying for an internship program? The first move you need to take in this instance is to draft a quality cover letter that will get you an edge over other applicants. You can find out sample cover letter for internship, doing some online  research.


Key things that you need to keep in mind while drafting the cover letter

  • Accentuate your educational qualification. Not only for interns, educational qualification is the prime point to attract the attention of the hiring manager. While applying for an internship program, as you may not have sufficient work experience, let your educational qualification cover up the shortcoming.
  • Mention the skills and competencies that you have acquired from your course that makes you suitable for an opportunity for the internship.
  • Narrate your career goals and objective and state the ways the participation in the internship program will enable you to accomplish those goals.
  • Explain what you know about the company. Sound naturally to express your excitement for getting a chance for working with the concerned company.
  • Mention the details of the internship programs that you have attended (if any)

Remember, you need to uphold your potential as a candidate while writing the cover letter to apply for the internship program with any organization. You can refer to the sample cover letter for internship and personalize the template to form a suitable cover letter to serve your purpose.



A model cover letter for interns

Your Name

Your Postal Address

Your Telephone Number

Your Email Address



Mr/Ms./Mrs XXX (Full Name)


Organization Name

Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs XXX (Last name),


I am presently undergoing XXXXX (mention about the course) from XXXX (institute’s name) and am about to get my degree in XXXX (state the tentative time for receiving the result).

On completion of my course, I am looking forward to become a part of such an organization, wherein I will get the chance to utilize my knowledge and would get the adequate chances to brush my natural skills and abilities as well as gather real-time experience by executing the fundamentals and principles that I learnt during my course.

It will be relevant to state that I have participated in an internship program with XXXX (state the name of the organization/s), wherein I got exposure on areas like:

(State a few areas that you worked upon in the course of the internship program)

I am of the believe that should you allow me a chance to participate in your internship program, it will extend me the best chances to develop skills and expertise that will assist me to accomplish my career objective and goals.

I am looking forward to the meeting with you wherein we can discuss more about the internship program as well as discussing my career objectives and goals with you.

Thanking You




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