Journey to become the most affordable SEO provider

How we became the most affordable  SEO provider?

As a website owner , you must read the facts in this post.
When I started learning the ways to drive traffic,the first lesson I learned got was to :: “Never believe on others.. Find out
I started my first website  and was looking for traffic, and then a guy approached me and said that he will give me 500 visitors daily  and for just few dollars. It looked interesting and I bought, my websites stats showed traffic but no real buying..It was fake traffic. Ahh.  My lesson : Never ever buy website traffic.

Ok.Now after searching a lot in Google, then I found Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. To me it looks interesting. I asked few SEO consultants about doing SEO of my website and everyone said 500$, 1000$ per month and so on.
It is  way high  than my budget. Then I looked into their clients. To my surprise many of them were not having good traffic. I realized its better I haven’t invested there.
Then I started  learning and implementing SEO techniques. It was not that hard though , its time consuming. I started seeing traffic to my website. I was amazed. The best thing was that I was able to get my website in top position for many high competitive keywords. For example:  “affordable seo company“.
That was the start and I streamlined many processes so that it started getting cheaper and cheaper for me. Many SEO companies do not take advantages of reusability in their SEO process and demographic variations.
And today we are able to provide full fledge SEO services at just 150$ per month.
Achievement : Our clients are really happy and they referred our services to their friends. We havent marketed ourself from last 4 months.
Some facts you should know :
On a average, keywords will take  2-3 months in reaching top 5 positions. If it is taking more time, then work on your SEO process.
Make sure that you are getting more WEB 2.0 links.
Open Link wheel is a better than closed link wheel which many of SEO guys aren’t aware of.
And the most important for all website owners: The seo companies get you in good ranking for a keyword, but have you ever checked the competition level and traffic volume of that keyword. This is critical as I have seen many seo companies will get you in good ranking for keywords which no one is searching in google.

Contact us for free consultation for your website traffic.  Ask for  a free website analysis  report ….

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Affordable SEO Services-Now with discounts

Affordable SEO Plan .. now with discounts

affordable web traffic

Some questions to start with. If any of the answers below is yes, then you can skip this page.

  • Are you getting enough traffic to your website?
  • Are you satisfied with current SEO marketing?
  • Is your website bringing good business for you?

Nowadays everyone is getting online. They are always in Google or Facebook. Small businesses are focusing towards online presence these days.

Some facts you should know:

  • The no-call list killed telemarketing.
  • Your prospects search for your businesses using Google.
  • Yellow Pages and  Newspapers are no more that effective.

You might be losing lot of potential customers. Now its time to get serious about marketing and get yourself in top rankings in search engines.

Now, Why Zeustek  SEO Services?

  • Own servers for link building.
  • Own various marketing/SEO tools.
  • A team of SEO professionals with good experience.
  • Proven strategy.
  • We do not charge in big amounts as other SEO companies are charging.
  • Since we own many tools and servers, its easy and affordable for us.

Content is King and back links are queens in terms of SEO. Quality and quantity back links can easily get you higher rankings in search engines.

Can You expect this from any other SEO Company?
– 500+ Article Submission back links every month.
– 100+ Social Bookmarks back links every month.
– Link wheels and various other ways of link building.

Yes,Its only here that you will get all those benefits of link building and getting higher rank in Google.

Its not $1000 per month,which other companies are charging. Its not even $199 which was our usual price. Its $145 only for customers signing now.

Try SEO Services for 1 Month

Money Back Guarantee

Zeustek  SEO team  has years of experience under their belt and reputable results to back up their claims. Once you sign up for our SEO service, we consider it our responsibility to ensure  good rankings for your website. If you are not happy , please ask for FULL Refund for that month’s SEO Service.

For any questions, just email us at [email protected]

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