Carpenters resume objectives

Carpenters resume objectives


If people want to work in some large companies as the carpenter, they would need to pass through the normal application procedures as those for other jobs. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn the tips to write good carpenter resume.


In the part about objectives of the resume and also the career objective of yourself, you have to be extremely careful about the content. Many of the recruiters would look at these sections first before reading other details like your qualification. It is because they would like to see if you are really interested in the job and whether you really have the necessary personality traits for the job. Many recruiters said that a lot of carpenter job applicants do not write that section of the resume in a serious manner. As a result, the recruiters would not accept those applicants to be the interviewee for the job. This means that they would lose the job.


If you want to write the Carpenters resume objectives in a nice way, there are some examples for you to take as reference.


–          To work as the junior carpenter for the company and be promoted to senior level in 3 years of time

–          To find a job in a reliable renovation company such that I can use my expertise of carpenter to work well

–          To obtain a position as the carpenter in the reputable company so as to handle more projects regarding wood work

–          To gain real job experience by working as the carpenter in a fast-growing company

–          To work from the position of carpenter to help construction projects handled by a reputable company


Since the techniques required for working as a carpenter may not be very difficult, there could be many people applying for the same job. Therefore, you have to first praise the company and let the recruiters know that you like the firm. Then, you should try to let them know that you are ready to serve the company wholeheartedly and you would not mind working at the junior level.


It would not be necessary for you to list every of the aforementioned examples of resume objectives. Instead, you simply need to spend the time to read through the information of the real job advertisement and choose some of the aforementioned examples as a reference to make up your own sentence in the career objective.


To conclude, there are many ways that you can follow to write the part about resume objective. Therefore, you can have your own way to write the resume. But you should never be lazy in searching for the most appropriate way to address yourself in the introduction and the career objective part. You can successfully get the attention of the recruiters and win the chance of interview only when you prepare well about the introduction and write the necessary document regarding that. If not, it is really impossible for you to impress the recruiters, who would read hundreds of applications when the recruitment period takes place.


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Carpenters resume example

Carpenters resume example


Working as a carpenter can give people a stable job. In recent years, there are more and more people who consider working as the carpenter. Therefore, they would like to find some ways to ensure that they can get the job in the fierce competition.


It is always necessary for you to write good resume in order to impress the employers. If you fail to do this, you probably cannot have the good job.


A carpenter would usually need to be careful in working under different conditions. They should also have the ability to work overtime and they would need to be detail-oriented. When they try to cut the woods, they have to pay full attention to the process or otherwise they would hurt themselves very easily. Therefore, they need to take a look at many things when they want to be carpenter. If you think that you are capable for the job because you have the relevant skills, you should not hesitate to let them know that you have those skills. The way that you can do in order to persuade them is to include some of the projects that you have done in the previous time. You can also list the previous work experience such that your future employers know that you are the experience carpenter who can fit for the job well.


Carpenters resume example


Steven Taylor

SDK Street, LS City, AA 20143

Cell Number: 230-100-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal


To obtain the job as carpenter in a reliable and prospectus firm such that I could utilize the skills learnt from school and growth together with the firm


Summary of skills

–          Familiar with different methods about carpenter work

–          Have in-depth knowledge about equipment installation, machine operations, etc

–          Able to write reports to meet the needs of management level

–          Possesses knowledge about carpentry tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, etc

–          Good listening skills and is able to exercise the orders effectively

–          Good physical strength and is able to work undress tight schedule


Educational Qualification


Diploma of Science,AMCSchool



Work Experience


Junior Carpenter, CAAW Inc,


–          Assisted the senior carpenters to finish construction projects

–          Performed maintenance and repair work for the basic structures of the building

–          Checked to ensure the accuracy of number of equipment materials

–          Removed imperfections of the wood work

–          Assisted the foundation of building as well as to establish the building lines

–          Ensured the project was within the budgeted spending


Junior Carpenter, SAMO Inc


–          Assisted the carpenter to hold lumber, timber and penal

–          Handled the responsibilities for shoring and helped to make the braces safe for users

–          Selected equipment under the supervision of managers and reported to managers in case of any deficiency of tools

–          Fastened the limber with the use of nails, pegs, screws, glue, etc.



Available upon request


Expected salary



Marital Status



Employment Status

Full Time


Other question for the job


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