Accountants resume example

Accountants resume example


When you want to work in the accounting field, you would need to understand the type of accountant that you want to work as. There are many types of accountants in the industry nowadays so you need to understand the nature of different types of accountants.


When preparing the resume, you would need to take a look at the nature of the accountant job that you are applying particularly. There are some general skills that accountants have to demonstrate but there are also some specific skills that you need to show if you want to work in the particular field. For example, you would need to be highly analytical if you want to be employed as the advisory unit accountant. If you want to be the audit department accountant, you should show that you are detail-oriented and you can work with deadline. For tax accountant, the knowledge about the market of tax regulation should be highly important and you need to show that you can cope with the changes of the accounting industry regulations as well because in the recent years more and more tax regulations are implemented to tighten the work of the companies in reporting tax.


If you have previously worked in some of the accounting firms, you definitely should list it out because those skills would help you get a good impression in the mind of the employers. If you do not record that down, you would actually waste the chance of having interview in the next step.


Accountants resume example

Roman Shaw

Adress:239 High Street, CCM

Phone Number: 230-440-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To work in the position of auditor in an organization that is professional such that I could demonstrate my knowledge and skills to manage the work well


Key skills

–          Able to work with deadline and finish work with quality

–          Good decision making skill in managing problems

–          Able to cope with stress

–          Familiar with the principles of auditing and procedures of auditing

–          Comprehensive knowledge about accounting

–          Willing to learn and study from time to time

–          Detail-oriented and could find flaws from the reports

–          Able to prepare and present findings to management efficiently

–          Good ability to deal with clients


Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of Business Administration (Major in Accounting),SDNUniversity

2004 – 2007


Work Experience

Auditor, SCNC Firm

2007- Present


–          Visited different companies and verify the validity of information prepared by the audit clients

–          Double check the financial statement prepared by clients and spotted mistakes

–          Reported suspicious frauds to the management for further review

–          Investigated into the information prepared by clients, as instructed by managers

–          Communicated with debtors of the companies and ensure the accuracy of debtor’s balance

–          Performed documentation work and filing of the information related to the clients


Technical Skills

Able to work with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Able to use auditing tool and some taxation programs

Able to use basic computer software programs like Visual Basic

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Accountants resume objectives

Accountants resume objectives


If you find that there are a lot of things that you need to put into the resume, you would tend to cut the Accountants resume objectives parts. In fact, it is okay for you to reduce the number of words and lines spent in those areas. However, you have to understand that many recruiters would like to look at this part of the resume apart from the figures like your academic result. It is because this objective section allows people to write descriptive information to introduce themselves and explain the reason for applying for the job. Thus, you still have to spend some time to prepare for this section and then write the good objectives of the resume.


There are some types of Accountants resume objectives suggested below.


–          To start with the accounting position and work in a firm to achieve further success

–          To work in one of the big four accounting firm as a junior accountant and be promoted to the future

–          To achieve long-term career success by starting as the accounting in the good company

–          To apply for the position of senior accountant in a famous accounting firm

–          To look for the opportunity to work as the tax accountant or advisory accountant in the fast growing accounting firm

–          To become part of the accounting firm which is growing nicely

–          To start working as accountant in the reliable firm and hope to be promoted to senior manager in 8 years time

–          To work for the audit accountant position with the experienced knowledge in auditing field


There are actually many types of accountants in the field. Therefore, you can try to specify the role that you want to apply for. Of course, you would explain the application information by writing a cover letter. But in the resume, you can also include the relevant information so as to let your recruiter understand that you pay attention to amend the information in resume to fit for the job application instead of copying every bit of information in resume for every job.


When you write the objective part of the resume, you can also try to integrate it with the knowledge or expertise that you have. This would help the recruiters know more about yourself and your characteristics. This will then help you attract the attention of the recruiters and they would also have a good impression about your application. In case you become one of the applicants who are the bottom cases, your impressive objective section may save you from being rejected.


To conclude, it is important for you to spend time to prepare and write the Accountants resume objectives section. If you do not write a good personal summary and career objective section when you apply for the accountant job, you would be considered as not professional. Being professional is something required for accountant in whatever companies. Thus, it would make you fail to get the interview chance if you do not pay attention to the composition of resume’s objective section.



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