Surveyor Resume Sample

Surveyor Resume Sample

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Experienced surveyor fully knowledgeable in the ways ascertains spaces. This area is utilized for engineering making maps construction mining land evaluations and other projects.




  • Comfortable interacting with planners engineers architects land resource officers and other professionals.
  • Exceptional analytical and mechanical skills.
  • Adept at computer aided and actual design solutions including FORTRAN programming.
  • Member of New York State’s state surveyor council professional engineers registering society and registered with the professional engineers association in Indianapolis.
  • Certified by the Orlando technical organization 2002


Work Experience


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Land surveyor 2002-2004


Maintained accurate notes, records and sketches to describe and certify work performed.


  • Performed comprehensive field surveys and oversaw the activities of field surveys crews while performing the surveys.
  • Collected land surveys data using GPS system.
  • Prepared survey drawings and description as directed.
  • Provided survey and mailing services to meet client requirements.
  • Attended project meetings, providing input, evaluating, and managing the required field survey work.
  • Calculate height, depths, relative positions, property lines, and other characteristics of terrain.
  • Managed and supervise various projects from the initial stage of planning to final competition for multiple commercial and residential properties.
  • Utilize data analysis and computer software in the support of planning, designing, and establishing property boundaries.
  • Organized crew schedules and field appointments.




Bachelor’s Degree- Land Surveying        2000

The University Of Northern Florida, Florida

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